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Folger Digital Image Collection
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Memento mori = Remember to die
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British Book Illustration project 2012-2015
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FSL collection
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STC 17816.5
Title (Hamnet):
Memento mori = Remember to die
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[London :
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Physical Description (Hamnet):
1 sheet ([1] p.) : obl.1/4⁰.
Subject (Hamnet):
Death -- Early works to 1800.
Notes (Hamnet):
Title is xylographic in a woodcut compartment enclosing 6 lines of verse in letterpress: "It is appointed for all men once to dye, therefore think upon eternity. And as I am so must you be, therefore prepare to follow me."
Citations (Hamnet):
ESTC (RLIN) S125495
Citations (Hamnet):
STC (2nd ed.), 17816.5
Folger Holdings Notes (Hamnet):
189793. Ms. quotation: "Man goeth to his long home, and [the] mourners go about [the] streets. Eccles. 12.5". Disbound, removed from 17th century Ms. poetical miscellany. Autograph in miscellany: "Chas. Shutleworth his book, 1691"
Call Number (Hamnet):
STC 17816.5

Memento mori = Remember to die