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Folger Digital Image Collection
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[Poems] The whole vvorkes of Samuel Daniel Esquire in poetrie.
Source Creator:
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619.
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Physical Description:
page 71 in back of book
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FSL collection
Source Call Number:
STC 6238 Copy 1
Creator (Hamnet):
Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619.
Uniform Title (Hamnet):
Title (Hamnet):
The whole vvorkes of Samuel Daniel Esquire in poetrie.
Place of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet):
London :
Publisher (Hamnet):
printed by Nicholas Okes, for Simon Waterson, and are to be sold at his shoppe in Paules Church-yard, at the signe of the Crowne,
Date of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet):
Physical Description (Hamnet):
[12], 231, [1]; [6], 180, [19], 186-479, [1] p. : port. ; 4⁰.
Subject (Hamnet):
Annotations (Provenance)
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Rogers, William, b. ca. 1545, printmaker.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Cockson, Thomas, printmaker.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Danyel, John, 1564-ca. 1626.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Harmsworth, R. Leicester Sir, (Robert Leicester), 1870-1937, former owner.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Heber, Richard, 1773-1833, former owner.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Smedley, William T. (William Thomas), b. 1851, former owner.
Notes (Hamnet):
Editor's dedication signed: Iohn Daniel.
Notes (Hamnet):
"A letter from Octauia to Marcus Antonius" begins new register and pagination. Following this, "A panegyrike congratulatorie", "The tragedy of Philotas" (commencing quire 2A), "Hymens triumph", "The Queenes Arcadia", "The vision of the tvvelue goddesses", and "The tragedie of Cleopatra" each have separate dated title pages; pagination and register are continuous.
Notes (Hamnet):
Leaf ²N4 is blank.
Notes (Hamnet):
Part 1, a reissue of the 1609 edition of "The civile wares", is preceded by a new letterpress title page and dedication leaf. Quire A of this first part is often wholly or partly lacking.
Notes (Hamnet):
The engraved title page to "The civile wares" is signed "T Cockson, sculp:". It is in fact re-engraved from the engraved title page of Camden's "Britannia" (1600), which was signed by William Rogers.
Notes (Hamnet):
Signatures: pi1,2 (=2T5,6) A-C⁴ D-Q⁸ R⁴; A-M⁸ N⁴ 2A-2T⁸ (-2T5,6).
Citations (Hamnet):
ESTC (RLIN) S109251
Citations (Hamnet):
Greg, I, 325(b); III, p. 1054-5
Citations (Hamnet):
STC (2nd ed.), 6238
Folger Holdings Notes (Hamnet):
cs4027. MS. contents note on front free endpaper. 2T5,6 in original position; A-M⁸ N⁴ bound at end; ¹E4 is variant 1 of STC 6245. Provenance: bought by Folger in 1934 from Quaritch catalogue 491:60
Call Number (Hamnet):
STC 6238 Copy 1

[Poems] The whole vvorkes of Samuel Daniel Esquire in poetrie.