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Collection name:
Folger Digital Image Collection
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Source Title:
[Les femmes a` table en l'absense de leurs maris]
Source Creator:
Bosse, Abraham, 1602-1676, printmaker.
Source Created or Published:
[ca. 1636]
Digital Image Type:
FSL collection
Source Call Number:
Art 264930 (size M)
Creator (Hamnet):
Bosse, Abraham, 1602-1676, printmaker.
Title (Hamnet):
[Les femmes à table en l'absense de leurs maris] [graphic] / A Bosse in. et fe.
Place of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet):
[Paris] :
Publisher (Hamnet):
Le Blond excud.,
Date of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet):
[ca. 1636]
Physical Description (Hamnet):
1 print : etching with engraving ; platemark: 26.6 x 34.8 cm.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Bosse, Abraham, 1602-1676, artist.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Le Blond, Jean, ca. 1594-1666, publisher.
Notes (Hamnet):
16 lines of verse in 4 columns below: Tandis que nos Maris s'en vont donner carriere / Et prendre leurs plaisirs a la ville ou au champs, ... Si vous ne dite mot de ce que nous faison: / Ie ne scays si je dois a vos promesse croire, / Ie ne sors du logis et garde les tisons
Notes (Hamnet):
Watermark: grapes
Notes (Hamnet):
A group of well-dressed women eat at a table in a private chamber, with a bed in the corner. The verses below explain they are enjoying talking freely while their husbands are away. A female servant brings more food to the table. Two children sit in the left foreground; a dog and cat fight over a plate in right foreground.
Citations (Hamnet):
Blum, 1049
Citations (Hamnet):
Préaud, 145
Folger Holdings Notes (Hamnet):
In ink, upper right margin: 49; in pencil, lower right margin: I.B.781; some staining (matburn?) outside platemark; excess 10cm below upper platemark at right platemark. Collector's stamp, black, verso upper right. In pencil, verso, lower center: D.1399. Watermark over left side of platemark, halfway down.
Call Number (Hamnet):
ART 264930 (size M)

[Les femmes a` table en l'absense de leurs maris]