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Folger Digital Image Collection
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A midsummer-night's dream ...
Source Creator:
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
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FSL collection
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PROMPT M.N.D. 06 (BookReader view)
Creator (Hamnet):
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
Title (Hamnet):
A midsummer-night's dream ...
Place of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet):
London :
Publisher (Hamnet):
Printed for J. Tonson, and the rest of the Proprietors,
Date of Creation or Publ. (Hamnet):
Physical Description (Hamnet):
60 p. A-B¹², C⁶. 12mo. : front. (ms. text pasted to top and bottom of p. 21 and top of p. 22)
Subject (Hamnet):
Promptbooks -- Drury Lane Theatre -- 1763 11 23.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Colman, George, 1732-1794, annotator.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Cross, Richard, d. 1760, annotator.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Drury Lane Theatre.
Associated Name (Hamnet):
Garrick, David, 1717-1779, annotator.
Notes (Hamnet):
Folger copy: Preparation copy made by David Garrick (Burnim, Langhans, Shattuck). Promptbook for Drury Lane production of 23 Nov. 1763 (Langhans, Shattuck). Also includes notes by George Colman (Langhans, Shattuck), and Richard Cross (Langhans).
Notes (Hamnet):
Folger ms. W.b.469, "Papers connected with the production of a version of A midsummer night's dream, ca. 1763," consists of 9 items. Some notes in Garrick's hand. Page references are to Folger PROMPT M.N.D. 06. (Shattuck).
Citations (Hamnet):
Burnim, K.A. David Garrick, p. 87
Citations (Hamnet):
Langhans, E.A. 18th cent. Brit. and Irish promptbooks, p. 183
Citations (Hamnet):
Shattuck, C.H. Shakespeare promptbooks, p. 322, no. 3
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A midsummer-night's dream ...