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Actes & Monuments   (guest)
Andrew Hadfield Birthday Lecture
Anthony Bagot letters
Bindings: Visible Structure
Book Covers   (edebold)
Book history: images of printers and presses
Bookplates and Provenance Marks
Booth   (mhartzler13)
cool stuff
Costumes   (edebold)
Droeshout states   (sarahwerner)
Early Folger collection display   (eblake)
Elizabeth   (edebold)
EMDA manuscripts
FolgerFinds - April 2015   (aweinberg)
Four-Footed Beastes   (edebold)
Fulton Seminar   (Folger Institute)
gunpowder plot   (sarahwerner)
London   (gziegler)
Magic   (edebold)
Marginalia   (edebold)
Mary Queen of Scots   (gziegler)
media!   (Kellen)
Mezzotints   (eblake)
Oxinden MS, V.b.110   (
Paradise Lost   (sarahwerner)
Presentation Images   (gadrutch)
r&j   (sarahwerner)
r3   (sarahwerner)
Richard III   (gziegler)
Romeo and Juliet Costume Design
Seven Ages   (gziegler)
Shakespeare portraits on
Shakespeare with Small Books   (eblake)
shrew   (sarahwerner)
tempest   (sarahwerner)
TGV   (sarahwerner)
The Rape of Lucrece   (ashleybessicks)
timon   (sarahwerner)
titus   (sarahwerner)
TN   (sarahwerner)
TNK   (sarahwerner)
troilus   (sarahwerner)
Twelfth Night   (Ms. Jean-Marie)
Twelfth Night   (emaciolek)
Various Violas   (cdesmet)
Weird Sisters   (slehn)
Woodcuts   (edebold)
wt   (sarahwerner)
Wyndham Lewis drawings for Timon   (eblake)