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1599   (jamitche)
2013 The Folgers   (gziegler)
All's Well   (gziegler)
All's Well illustrations   (sgosset)
America's Shx   (gziegler)
Antony and Cleopatra   (jdecamillis)
Bard2 Background candidates   (rdankert)
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales   (ashadrake)
Dead Characters   (WillfulPictures)
DeadBookImages   (WillfulPictures)
Donne Letters   (gziegler)
Dove 1631   (
Elizabeth I   (KD Folger)
Folger Building   (eblake)
Garrick MND W.b.469   (gziegler)
Hamlet Folio and Quarto   (slehn)
Henry V   (jdecamillis)
Institute 2011 Week Two Images
letterlocking slits in letters   (folger staff)
Macbeth   (jdecamillis)
Mal and Oliv   (MarthaHarris)
Maps   (erdavis13)
Marriage   (Donnayemoore)
media!   (Kellen)
Much Ado Images   (gadrutch)
Olivia   (gziegler)
Open City: London, 1500-1700
Othello   (Ms. Jean-Marie)
Othello 3   (
Paintings Exhibition 2017   (eblake)
Paradise Lost   (sarahwerner)
Perfect Path-way   (sarahwerner)
Performing Restoration Shakespeare   (Folger Institute)
Pierce Penilesse (J. Busby)   (kate.derycker)
Printing Press   (ashadrake)
Queens Bibles blog   (gziegler)
Renaissance Drama and Media History   (mparsley15)
Representations of Fame   (jdebowling)
Richard III 1594 First Quarto   (kbryan@wwnorton)
Romeo and Juliet   (emaciolek)
Seven Ages   (gziegler)
Shak Sist Friends   (gziegler)
Shakespeare and Film   (kvitale)
Shakespeare and Gender   (kvitale)
Shakespeare and Race   (kvitale)
Shakespeare and Religion   (kvitale)
Shrew gallery   (jpisano)
Stratford-upon-Avon   (kvitale)
Touchstone   (DBruno605)
Volvelles and other moveables   (jkuhn)