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2013 Folger Architecture   (gziegler)
Ada Rehan as Viola   (gziegler)
Almanacs   (
America's Shx   (gziegler)
ayli 7 ages   (sarahwerner)
Boydell   (gziegler)
Copy of Othello from GZ   (ealexander)
Costume Designs   (gziegler)
Costume Designs   (gziegler)
Costumes   (edebold)
Costumes   (etartanella)
Dead Characters   (WillfulPictures)
Digital Anthology   (folger staff)
Dove 1631   (
Elizabeth I   (KD Folger)
Embroidered Bindings   (gziegler)
FI Problem of Biography/Exhibition
FolgerFinds - April 2015   (aweinberg)
Frank Adams calendars   (
Globe Theater   (Ruza)
Hamlet   (aweinberg)
Hannah's Final Curation Project   (freh14)
Images of Othello and Desdemona   (kchaput)
INC R8   (Fmowery)
Jews in England   (Coco.Lawton)
Julia Marlowe as Juliet   (gziegler)
Macbeth   (francarbone95)
Map of Ilyria   (Ruza)
Mary Wroth   (gziegler)
Newdigate collection   (eric.johnson@folger.…)
Olivia   (gziegler)
Ortelius   (gziegler)
Paintings Exhibition 2017   (eblake)
Palatino Compendio   (UUDC_Steve)
Remediated Shakespeares   (djpowell)
Representations of Fame   (jdebowling)
Romeo and Juliet   (jcakrasenjaya)
Seven Ages   (gziegler)
Shakespeare with Small Books   (eblake)
Shakespeare zid   (Ruza)
Shakespeareana   (sarahwerner)
TWelfth Night   (
Twelfth Night   (sarahwerner)
V.b.366   (ewahl)
Volvelles and other moveables   (jkuhn)
WDG   (sarahwerner)
Women's Bindings   (gziegler)
Writing Tables   (
Wyndham Lewis drawings for Timon   (eblake)