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Aldine Homer   (rdankert)
Anthony Bagot letters
Antony and Cleopatra   (jdecamillis)
As You Like It   (gziegler)
Book History Terms   (jdecamillis)
Book history: images of printers and presses
Copy of Books in the vault   (rdankert)
Costumes   (edebold)
CUP GF   (lshohet)
dream   (pageboy)
Droeshout portrait, states 1 - 4   (eblake)
Early Folger collection display   (eblake)
FI Brochure 2017-18   (folger staff)
FI Problem of Biography/Exhibition
Fulton Seminar   (Folger Institute)
Global exchange atlas chinensis   (guest)
Have with you to Saffron-Walden.   (kate.derycker)
Henry VI part 1   (jsoloway)
Henry VI part 1 top 15   (jsoloway)
Henry VI part 2   (jsoloway)
Henry VI part 2 top 15   (jsoloway)
Henry VI part 3   (jsoloway)
Henry VI part 3 top 15   (jsoloway)
Heywood's Women   (gziegler)
John Massey Wright   (jsoloway)
Macbeth   (pageboy)
media!   (Kellen)
Misdummer App   (eellenmac)
MND   (gziegler)
Much Ado   (gziegler)
Othello   (elly2011)
Perfect Path-way   (sarahwerner)
Pericles   (jsoloway)
Pericles top 15   (jsoloway)
Pierce Penilesse (J. Busby)   (kate.derycker)
Pirates in Bacon-Townshend collection
Pre-1520 illustrations published in England   (eblake)
Shakespeare   (pageboy)
Shakespeare1   (vluco)
sidney_arcadia   (ghukill)
sosnnet   (jsoloway)
STC 11165   (Sede)
STC 21532   (Sede)
Symbols of Honor
Teena Rochfort Smith's Four-Text Hamlet   (robincamille)
The Twelfth Night/Paper   (JuliannaHindemith)
The Two Gentlemen of Verona   (jsoloway)
The Two Gentlemen of Verona top 15   (jsoloway)
TSI2016   (ashadrake)
Twelfth Night   (sarahwerner)