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2013 The Folgers   (gziegler)
Actes & Monuments   (guest)
Ada Rehan as Viola   (gziegler)
Bindings: Incunabula in early bindings
Bindings: Use of waste materials
clasps   (sarahwerner)
Compass roses   (eblake)
Copy of Bears   (emaciolek)
Costume Designs   (gziegler)
Costume Designs   (gziegler)
DeadBookImages   (WillfulPictures)
Digital Anthology   (folger staff)
Elizabeth's bible   (sarahwerner)
Embroidered Bindings   (gziegler)
Globe Theater   (Ruza)
Greg_tp   (sarahwerner)
Harvey Bagot letters
King Lear   (gziegler)
King Lear 1608 First Quarto   (kbryan@wwnorton)
Knight of the Burning Pestle   (djpowell)
MAcbeth and Much Ado summary   (
Macbeth- Lady Macbeth's Suicide   (cfinlay)
Map of Ilyria   (Ruza)
marginalia   (sarahwerner)
Mezzotints   (eblake)
Much Ado About Nothing 1600 First Quarto   (kbryan@wwnorton)
occult   (fredd3039)
Ortelius   (gziegler)
Othello Media Group   (
Paintings Exhibition 2017   (eblake)
Palatino Compendio   (UUDC_Steve)
People You Meet   (HumphreyKing)
Performing Restoration Shakespeare   (Folger Institute)
Portia as Lord of Belmont and Lawyer   (cdesmet)
Romeo and Juliet   (kigoudjil)
Romeo and Juliet Costume Design   (kigoudjil)
Scholars in residence guide   (Carol Brobeck)
Shakespeare and the Problem of Biography   (Folger Institute)
Shakespeare portraits on
Shakespeare zid   (Ruza)
Shylock   (gziegler)
Sir John Oldcastle   (djpowell)
stage direction paper   (sgosset)
The Sonnets and A Lovers Complaint 1609 Quarto   (kbryan@wwnorton)
Timon, Measure, HEnry V   (
Titus   (gziegler)
To be or not to be   (eremsberg)
Transatlantic 19th Century Othello   (cdesmet)
Variocities   (HumphreyKing)
vault views   (sarahwerner)