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2016  (gziegler)
abc  (jfrazier)
Another Prez  (Kellen)
Antony and Cleopatra Presentation 6-15-11  (
Ariel  (paulamurphy121)
artifact  (lkhutter)
Artifact  (lkhutter)
Atlas Chinensis as Global Exchange  (guest)
bb  (jfrazier)
Burdett-Coutts casket  (sarahwerner)
Catie Bernfeld  (catieebelle)
Chris Faust  (kris)
Copy of falstaff  (friendlytoothbrush)
Copy of Lancelot's departure  (james_watson)
Costumes  (jkuhn)
de Vere's full bible  (tfulton)
Deer Poaching  (guest)
falstaff  (friendlytoothbrush)
falstaff  (friendlytoothbrush)
Final Project  (ehussain)
Folger Magazine Covers  (Pablo)
Globe  (mailin)
Henry 8  (bharries)
Illustrations of Global Encounters  (elmartin)
k  (kris)
Lancelot's departure  (james_watson)
Lodge  (Luthval)
Magic Islands Maps Presentation  (mailin)
Much Ado About Nothing Final Project  (lmitch8106)
Music Masters  (gluehair)
my presentation  (jkuhn)
NEH 2011 Summer Institute  (Folger Institute)
Of the Question, or Torture  (jasonecohen)
Open City Opening  (Folger Staff)
othello  (cayean1)
Othello  (
sonnets  (Brulee)
Stonley  (alanstewart50)
Tempest 1  (mailin)
Tempest 1  (mailin)
Tempest 2  (mailin)
Tempest Introduction Images  (mailin)
test 1  (jfrazier)
test2  (roenneh)
The Rover title page  (smacpher)
The Tempest, Last Lecture  (
This is for a class  (Kellen)
Thomas Fulton  (tfulton)
Vere's Bible  (tfulton)
witches  (JMacInnis)