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Another Prez  (Kellen)
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Artifact  (lkhutter)
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Burdett-Coutts casket  (sarahwerner)
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Catie Bernfeld  (catieebelle)
Chris Faust  (kris)
ComedyOfErrors  (Billparsons40)
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Copy of falstaff  (friendlytoothbrush)
Copy of Lancelot's departure  (james_watson)
Copy of NEH 2011 Summer Institute  (jckuhn4)
de Vere's full bible  (tfulton)
falstaff  (friendlytoothbrush)
falstaff  (friendlytoothbrush)
Folger Vb.214  (kakamo)
Folger Vb.214  (kakamo)
Henry 8  (bharries)
Ireland  (folger staff)
k  (kris)
Lancelot's departure  (james_watson)
London Bridge and Wenceslas Hollar  (melindawr)
Magic Islands Maps Presentation  (mailin)
Much Ado About Nothing Final Project  (lmitch8106)
Music Masters  (gluehair)
my presentation  (jkuhn)
New  (srlevin2)
othello  (cayean1)
Othello  (
sonnets  (Brulee)
STC 19906 front board  (
Stonley  (alanstewart50)
Stonley presentation  (alanstewart50)
Subterranean  (wsperrazza)
Tempest 1  (mailin)
Test  (awhatrick)
Test  (mittena)
test 1  (jfrazier)
The Rover title page  (smacpher)
The Tempest, Last Lecture  (
This is for a class  (Kellen)
Thomas Fulton  (tfulton)
Vere's Bible  (tfulton)
winche  (elaineleong)
workways 2011*  (matchison)
ZooniverseThumbnails  (etobey)