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  1. Catalano, Niccolo (2)
  2. Catalog clipping describing this copy? pasted down on front paste-down; initials "H S" are stamped in gilt on front and back covers; Harmsworth copy (4)
  3. catalog clipping with number 492 (Folger files) (3)
  4. Catalog of Sir Edward Dering’s books [manuscript], compiled ca. 1640-ca. 1642. (3)
  5. Catalogue of a collection of printed broadsides in the possession of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Comp. by Robert Lemon ... (1)
  6. Catalogue of early English poetry, and other miscellaneous works illustrating the British drama, collected by Edmond Malone, esq., and now preserved in the Bodleian Library. (2)
  7. Catalogue of Mr. Capell�s Shakesperiana;... (1)
  8. Catalogue of the most valuable, interesting and highly important library of the late George Daniel ... (1)
  9. Catalogus gloriae mundi : D. Bartholomaei Chassanaei Burgundii ... Catalogus gloriae mundi, in duodecim libros diuisus, humanae sortis summam artificiose complectens : sed ita demum nitidus auctus & locupletatus, vt omnes hactenus aeditiones longe superet. (1)
  10. Catalogus sanctorum et gestorum eorum ex diuersis voluminib[us] collectus / edit[us] a Reuere[n]dissimo in Xp[ist]o Patre D[omi]no Petro de Natalibus de Venetijs Dei gratia Episcopo Equilino. (1)
  11. Catalogus stellarum Australium sive Supplementum Catalogi Tychonici : exhibens longitudines & latitudines stellarum fixarum, quae, prope Polum Antarcticum sitae, in horizonte Uraniburgico Tychoni inconspicuae fuere, accurato calculo ex distantiis supputatas, &c ad annum 1677 completum correctas; cum ipsis observationibus in insula S. Helenae (cujus Latit. 15 gr. 55 m. Aust. & long. 7 gr. 00 m. ad occasum a Londino) summa cura & sextante satis magno de coelo depromptis. Opus ab astonomis hactenus desideratum. Accedit appendicula de rebus quibusdam astonomicis, notatu non indignis. Authore Edmundo Halleio, e Col. Reg. Oxon. (2)
  12. Cataneo, Girolamo. (2)
  13. Catastrophe Magnatum: or, The Fall of Monarchie. : A Caveat to Magistrates, Deduced from the Eclipse of the Sunne, March 29. 1652. With a Probable Conjecture of the Determination of the Effects / By Nich: Culpeper Gent. stud. in astrol. and phys. (1)
  14. Catch and back cover details, STC 9500. (1)
  15. Catch and decorative roll (detail), STC 9303. (1)
  16. Catch plate (detail), 212- 796f. (1)
  17. Catch plate (detail), INC P438. (1)
  18. Catch plate and shoe, PA8517 P3 P42 1519 cage. (1)
  19. Catch plate impression (detail), INC Q27. (1)
  20. Catch plate, ac 161230 (1)