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Caw-Cawarden, Sir Thomas. L

  1. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. A declaracion of sech charges as I ser Thomas Cauerden knight haue ben putto and accomplished the same in the third yere of threign of our souereigne lorde king Edwarde the sixte ... by vertue of the kinges highnes Counsailles letteres to me directed ... ffor the whiche promes was made of Recompenses as apperithe by the same letteres but as yet not performed. (4)
  2. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. A note of the yerlye expenceis of the howshold of sir thomas cawardens knyght Anno secundo Edwardi Sixti. (2)
  3. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. A Rent Roll of All the lonnds within The laet blacke ffryears besyed ludd gaet be longgyng to Sir Thomas Carweerden knyeght ffor oer hoell year begynyng at the ffeast of Sayent Myhell in Anno 1553 And endyng at the feast of Sayent Myhell in Anno 1554... (2)
  4. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. A survey of the buildings of Blackfriars. (4)
  5. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Accounts of the stewardship of the manors of Nonsuch, West Cheam, Walton-on-the-Hill, and Banstead. (6)
  6. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Accounts of the stewardship of the manors of Nonsuch, West Cheam, Walton-on-the-Hill, and other crown properties. (2)
  7. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Accounts of the stewardship of the manors of Walton-on-the-Hill and Banstead (Surrey) and Wotton-under-Wyven (Staffs). (2)
  8. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Autograph draft of letter. To Edward Hastings, Lord Hastings of Loughborough. (4)
  9. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Bargain and sale to Thomas Thirlby, Bishop of Norwich, of land in the Blackfriars. (4)
  10. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Blakfryrs Survey. (8)
  11. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Condition of a recognizance to King Edward VI for the manors of Pishoe, Stoughton-Barry, and Great Plumstead. (4)
  12. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Copy of Cawarden's receipt for £188 from Sir Richard Sackville. (2)
  13. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Draft of an inquisition post mortem on his estate in London. (36)
  14. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Draft of bill of complaint in action against Sir Thomas Saunders in the court of Exchequer. (6)
  15. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Estymate of Rentss and Revenues within the latte blacke ffryears next ludgatte A gatte of the cyttie of London Apperteyneynge to Sir Thomas Cawerden knyght. (4)
  16. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Extracts from the wills of Sir Thomas and Lady Elizabeth Cawarden, (2)
  17. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Indenture of apprenticeship. London. (2)
  18. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Indenture of receipt by Sir Thomas Cawarden of horses and horse furniture from Lord Howard of Effingham. (2)
  19. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Lease, indented, of a tenement in East Greenwich to Erasmus Crekener. (2)
  20. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. List of freeholders of Blackfriars. (2)