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Cawarden, Sir Thomas. L-Cawd

  1. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Lorde Covams partyculers. (2)
  2. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Mensae Ianuarij & Februarij ... 1556. Money Dewe and owinge to Sir Thomas Cawerden knight, aswell for sondry prouisions, as diuers other freshe Acates and necessaries by him provided and bought at the request of the lady Anne of Cleves grace and laide into the Black ffriers... 1556. (3)
  3. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Mensae Ianuarij et ffebruarij ... 1556. Money Dewe and owinge to Sir Thomas Cawarden knight as well for sondry prouisions as diuers other freshe Acates and necessaries by [him provid]ed and bought at the requests of the lady Anne of Cleves grace and laide into the [Blac]k friers ... 1556. (2)
  4. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Moneye payd for stuf at ye blakfriers. (2)
  5. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Naperye left in the black ffryers the xx of ffebruary 15[5]7. (2)
  6. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. parcelles of grounde in the black fryars. (2)
  7. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Petition to privy council. (2)
  8. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Recognizance of an obligation to pay £4000 to the queen. (2)
  9. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Rentes belongyng to Sir Thomas Cawerden knight within the precint of the late Blackfryars in London. (4)
  10. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Survey of damage done to property in Blackfriars by a tenant, Woodman. (2)
  11. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. The Aunswer to Harrys byll of Complayent exhibyted to the lord Ch[ancellor] Concernyng a parishe churche and churche yeard in the late Blackeffryare[s]. (2)
  12. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. The charges of Master Cawerden for the furnyture of Cslvij persons at Newbury. (2)
  13. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. The plate for the ground in the blacke ffryars. (2)
  14. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. The presynght of the late blacke ffryars Next ludgaett for Myd sommer Anno 1559. (2)
  15. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. The presynght of the late blackefryars nextt Ludgate. Rents belonggyng vnto Sir thomas Cawerden knyght ffor A quarter of A year Endyd at the ffeast of our Lade beyng on easter Evyn March 25 Anno 1559 primo Regni Reginae Elyzabeth. (2)
  16. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. This bill made the iiijth daye of october 1554. The tenauntes belonginge to my Mr Sir thomas Cardyn within the libertie of the black fryeres yn London with the some of the quartres Rente dewe to be payde...for the tenymentes wherin they do the dwell at the feaste of seint mychaell tharcangell last paste 1554. (2)
  17. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. To the queenes Maiesties most honorable pryvye counsell. (2)
  18. Cawarden, Sir Thomas. Will. (3)
  19. Cawarden, Thomas, Sir, d. 1559. (2)
  20. Cawdor Castle [graphic]. (1)