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c-C C-c C-C.a.26 C.a.26-C.c C.c-C.c.1 (3 C.c.1 (3-C.c.1 (5 C.c.1 (5-C.c.1 (7 C.c.1 (7-c C-C2 C3-C5 C5-c c-ca. 15 ca. 15-ca. 153 Ca. 153-c c-ca. 156 ca. 156-ca. 157 ca. 157-ca. 158 ca. 158-C c-ca. 159 ca. 159-ca. 16 ca. 16-ca. 1604 ca. 1604-ca. 161 ca. 161-ca. 1615 ca. 1615-ca. 162 ca. 162-ca. 1627 Ca. 1628-c c-ca. 165 ca. 165-ca. 166 ca. 166-ca. 167 ca. 167-ca. 168 ca. 168-ca. 169 ca. 169-ca. 17 ca. 17-ca. 175 ca. 175-ca. 179 ca. 179-C c-ca. 182 ca. 183-ca. 186 ca. 186-ca. 19 ca. 19-ca.1 ca.1-C C-Cal Cal-Calf Calf-Calf bindings -- I Calf bindings -- I-Calf v Calfsk-Calfskin binding w Calfskin binding w-Calfskin l Calfskin o-c C-Calp Calt-Cam Cam-Came Came-Can Can-Cap Cap-Car Car-Card Card-Cari Cari-Carm Carm-Carp Carp-Cart Cart-Cary Cary-Cas Cas-Cass Cass-Casw Cata-Catc Catc-Cath Cath-Catt Catt-Cav Cav-Caw Caw-Cawarden, Sir Thomas. L Cawarden, Sir Thomas. L-Cawd Cawd-Ce Ce-Cen Cen-Center s Center s-Centerp Centerp-Centerpieces Centerpieces-Cer Cer-Ch Ch-Cham Cham-Chap Chap-Char Char-Charl Charl-Charles I Charles I-Charles K Charles K-Charles, Charlest-Chas Chas-Chà‚ Chea-Ches Ches-Chest Chest-Chi Chi-Chil Chil-Chit Chit-Cho Chr-Chri Chri-Chu Chu-Churchw Churchw-Ci Ci-c C-Cl Cl-Clar Clar-Clark CLARK-Cl Cl-Clasp d Clasp d-Clasps Clasps-Clasps -- F Clasps -- F-Clasps, Clater,-Clay Clay-Cle Cle-Cli Cli-Clo Clo-Clot Clot-Co Co-Coat of arms (detail), S Coat of arms (detail), S-Coat of arms (detail), STC 4 Coat of arms (detail), STC 4-Coat of arms d Coat of arms d-Coats Coats-Coc Coc-Coct Codi-Coi Coi-Col Col-Coli coll-C C-Collection of p Collection of p-Collen Collen-Colli Colli-Colm Colm-Colo Colo-Color color-C C-Colored y Colored y-Colt Colt-Com Com-Come Come-Comedy Comedy-Comedy s Comencia-Comm Comm-Comp Comp-c c-C C-Con Con-Conf Conf-Cons Cons-Const Const-Cont Cont-Conw Conw-Coo Coo-Cooke Cooke-Cooker Cooker-Coop Coop-c C-Copp Copp-Copy Copy-Copy of l Copy of l-Copy of letter o Copy of letter o-Copy of P Copy of R-Copy of T Copy of T-Cor Cor-Cords Cordu-Cori Cori-Coriolanus, a Coriolanus, a-Corn Corn-Corner s Corner s-Cornerp Cornerp-Coro Coro-Cory Cory-Cos Cos-Costumes Cosway, -Cot Cot-Cou Cou-Couv Cove-Cover Cover-Cover, Cover,-Cover, INC M Cover, INC M-Cover, S Cover, S-Covers Covers-Covers b Covers b-Covers, Covers,-Covers, N Covers, P-Covers, S Covers, S-Covers, STC 2 Covers, STC 2-Cow Cow-Cr Cr-Cran Cran-Crav Crav-Cre Cre-Cresw Cret -Cri cri-C C-Cros Cros-Crou Crow-Cru Cru-Crus Crus-Cu Cu-Cum Cun-c C-Cus Cus-Cy Cy-Cymbeline, Cymbeline,-Cymbeline: Cymbeline:-Cyr

Charles I-Charles K

  1. Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685, signer. (2)
  2. Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. (16)
  3. Charles II, King of Navarre, 1332-1387. (2)
  4. Charles IX, King of France, 1550-1574. (30)
  5. Charles John Kean (1811?-1868); Maurice Jonas, bookplate; purchased by H. C. Folger in 1903 from Henry Sotheran & Co., London. (2)
  6. Charles John Kean [as] Hamlet [graphic] / drawn by C. Bacebe from a study ; painted from life by H.E. Dawe. (1)
  7. Charles John Shoppee coat of arms centerpiece (detail), STC 4504 copy 1. (1)
  8. Charles Kean / The original water color drawings from which the scenery used by Charles Kean in his Shakespearian and other productions was executed. (3)
  9. Charles Kean / The original water color drawings from which the scenery used by Kean in his Shakespearian and other productions was executed. (8)
  10. Charles Kean [as] Hamlet "Except my life ..." act 2, sc. 2 [graphic] / Lane. (1)
  11. Charles Kean [as] Louis XI ...[by Boucicault, translated from a play by Delavigne] [graphic] / from a drawing by C.S.L. drawn on stone by R.J. Lane ... (1)
  12. Charles Kean [as] Shylock [in Shakespeare's] Merchant of Venice "And thrift is blessing ..." act 1, sc. 3 [graphic] / Lane. (1)
  13. Charles Kean [graphic] / engraved by J. Brown, from a photograph. (1)
  14. Charles Kean [graphic] / from a daguerreotype by Paine of Islington. (1)
  15. Charles Kean in the character of Hamlet [in Shakespeare's Hamlet] [graphic] / drawn on stone by C.F. Reichert & printed by W. Kohler. (1)
  16. Charles Kean's scrap book [including costumes, scenes, and scenery from nine Shakespearian plays, and portraits of contemporary actors and actresses] [graphic]. (168)
  17. Charles Kean, esqr. [graphic] / engraved by D.J. Pound from a photograph by Laroche. (1)
  18. Charles Kean/ The original water color drawings ... (10)
  19. Charles Kean: the original water color drawings from which the scenery used by Charles Kean in his Shakespearian and other productions was executed. [graphic]. (3)
  20. Charles Kemble esqre. of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden [graphic] / engraved by I. Thomson from an original drawing. (1)