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Comedy-Comedy s

  1. Comedy of errors, act III, scene 2, Dro. S.: This drudge, or diviner, laid claim to me; call'd me Dromio; swore that I was assured to her [graphic] / engraved by Allen Robert Branston ; [John Thurston]. (1)
  2. Comedy of errors, act IV, scene 9 [i.e. 4]: Oh bind him bind him, let him not come near me [graphic] / E. Edwards, del. ; C. Grignion sculp. (1)
  3. Comedy of errors, act V, sc. 1 [graphic] / Dayes, del. ; Walker, sculp. (1)
  4. Comedy of errors, act V, scene I, a street before the priory [graphic] : Merchant, Angelo, Lady Abbess, Adriana, &c. / painted by I. F. Rigaud ; engraved by C.G. Playter. (1)
  5. Comedy of errors, Adr.: Come sir to dinner ... act II, sc. 2 [graphic] / [John Thurston]. (1)
  6. Comedy of errors, Adr.: Come sir, to dinner ... act II, sc. 2 [graphic] / drawn by J. Thurston ; engrav'd by C. Warren. (1)
  7. Comedy of errors, Adr.: O, bind him, bind him, Let him not come near me, act 4, sc. 4 [graphic] / painted by T. Stothard R.A. ; engrav'd by J. Heath. (1)
  8. Comedy of errors, Andriana: Come, I will fasten on this sleeve of thine, Act II, scene ii [graphic] / J.M. Wright ; C. Heath. (1)
  9. Comedy of errors, Antipholis of E., Dromio, Courtezan, &c., act IV, scene IV [graphic] / painted by Wheatley ; Tanner, Vallance, Kearny, & Co., sc. (1)
  10. Comedy of errors, Antipholis: Plead you to me, fair dame? Act II, scene II [graphic] / painted by Singleton ; engrav'd by Neagle. (1)
  11. Comedy of errors, Antipholus of Ephesus, Dromio, Courtezan, &c., act IV, scene IV [graphic] / Wheatley del. ; Starling sc. (1)
  12. Comedy of errors, Egeon, Wife, Children &c., act I, scene 1 [graphic] / Wheatley del. ; Starling sc. (1)
  13. Comedy of errors, Luc.: Why call you me love, call my sister so, act III, scene II [graphic] / Hamilton ; A.T. Aikman. (1)
  14. Comedy of errors, Peace, doating wizard, Peace, I am not mad ; act 4, scene 4 [graphic] / Thurston, del. ; Rhodes, sculp. (1)
  15. Comedy of errors. My mistress sent me to bid you come to dinner [graphic] / [Louis Rhead]. (1)
  16. Comedy of Errors. The ship split on a mighty rock [graphic] / [Louis Rhead]. (1)
  17. Comedy of errors: If I dream no thou art Aemelia, act 5 scene I [graphic] / Hamilton, delt. ; Scriven, sculpt. (1)
  18. Comedy of errors: If I dream not, thou art Æmelia, act 5, scene 1 [graphic] / Hamilton del. ; Scriven, sculp. (1)
  19. Comedy of errors: Merchant, Angelo, Lady Abbess, Adriana, &c. [graphic] : act V, scene 1 / Rigaud, del. ; Starling, sc. (1)
  20. Comedy spectators [graphic] ; Tragedy spectators / Rowlandson 1789. (1)