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Copy-Copy of l

  1. Copy of ART Box H688 no.8.5 pt.2 with pencil sketch additions (1)
  2. copy of ca. 1400 (1)
  3. Copy of Catalogue of Mr. Capell's Shakespeariana [manuscript]. (15)
  4. Copy of Extract from a speech by Lorenzo Campeggi addressed to Henry VIII, 1519 (4)
  5. Copy of Instructions for victualling His Majesty's navy, January 4, 1700/1 [manuscript], copied 1702 April. (2)
  6. Copy of John Donne's Satyres I and II, 1590s [manuscript], ca. 1627-1632 (2)
  7. Copy of letter from Arthur Atye, The Hague, to an unidentified recipient, England, January 30, 1585/6 [manuscript], 17th century? (1)
  8. Copy of letter from Ben Jonson to William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, 1605? [manuscript], ca. 1615. (1)
  9. Copy of letter from Carlo Emanuele d'Este, Marchese di Borgomanero, to Charles II, King of England (4)
  10. Copy of letter from Charles, Prince of Wales, Segovia, to Philip IV, King of Spain (2)
  11. Copy of letter from Francis Bacon to Sir Edward Coke, [1616?] (9)
  12. Copy of letter from George Chapman to James I, King of England, 1605? [manuscript], ca. 1615. (1)
  13. Copy of letter from Isaac Wake, Venice, to Sir Edward Conway, January 17, 1625 (12)
  14. Copy of letter from John Knox, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth I, July 20, 1559 (2)
  15. Copy of letter from John South to an unidentified recipient, ca. October 30, 1618 (1)
  16. Copy of letter from Konrad Goclenius, Louvain, to Erasmus, August 10, 1535 (2)
  17. Copy of letter from Morell Theobald, Lewisham, to A.R. Wallace, January 14, 1880 [manuscript], 1880? (2)
  18. Copy of letter from Mr. Rothwell to Lady Greville March 3, 1717/8 (2)
  19. Copy of letter from Philip IV, King of Spain to Count Olivares, 1623 (2)
  20. Copy of letter from Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, to Elizabeth I, Queen of England August 12, 1597? (12)