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Copy of letter o-Copy of P

  1. Copy of letter of protest from Gaspar de Borja, Cardinal, to Pope Urban VIII, March 6, 1632 (1)
  2. Copy of letters between Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, and Sir George Radcliffe, 1641 (2)
  3. Copy of letters from Thomas Killigrew to Ferdinando II, Grand Duke of Tuscany (8)
  4. Copy of Letters patent from Elizabeth I, Queen of England, to Peter Grevill and Peter Rosewell (6)
  5. Copy of list of the royal procession from the Tower to Whitehall 1603/4 March 15 (4)
  6. Copy of Margaret Mather's great oil painting, "The death of Juliet", [Romeo and Juliet: act V, scene 3] [graphic]. (1)
  7. Copy of memorandum of a lease for 5 years to Master Pelle, 1333 (2)
  8. Copy of Newsletter from Edinburgh, August 11, 1600 [manuscript], 17th century? (3)
  9. Copy of Newsletter from Edinburgh, August 11, 1600 [manuscript], 17th century? || Instrument of an association for the preservation of Her Majesty's royal person, at Hampton Court. Copy of The instrument of an association for the preservation of Her Majesty's royal person, at Hampton Court, October 19, 1584 [manuscript], 17th century? (1)
  10. Copy of Newsletter of events in Holland, November 27, 1602 [manuscript], 17th century? (1)
  11. Copy of Newsletter of expedition to Cadiz, June 1596 [manuscript], 17th century? (1)
  12. Copy of Newsletter of occurrences in Europe, February 2, 1592 [manuscript], 17th century? (1)
  13. Copy of note from Sir George Radcliffe to Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, October 28, 1640 (4)
  14. Copy of note from the Committee for Advance of Money to John Crane at the backside of the Exchange, December 22, 1644 [manuscript]. (4)
  15. Copy of On the first discovery of falseness in Amintas (3)
  16. Copy of petition from the tenants adjoining the royal forest of the Peak, Derbyshire, to Elizabeth I, Queen of England, August 13, 1575 (3)
  17. Copy of poem on Sir Walter Raleigh, ca. 1603 (2)
  18. Copy of Poems by the most deservedly admired Mrs Katherine Philips, the matchless Orinda, 1669 [manuscript], ca. 1670. (1)
  19. Copy of poems from the Ghazels (2)
  20. Copy of Privy Seal warrant from Elizabeth I, Queen of England, to the Exchequer, March 13, 1589/90 (2)