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Copy of R-Copy of T

  1. Copy of Reasons to be had with the Lords, concerning the danger the nation is in by the growth of Popery (4)
  2. Copy of recognizance of the Suffolk Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace for appearance of William Ledyman, December 13, 1599 [manuscript], 17th century? || Copy of letter from Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, to [Queen Elizabeth], 1600? [manuscript], 17th century? (1)
  3. Copy of Sermon preached in the King's Chapel in Whitehall, 17th century? [manuscript], 1685. (2)
  4. Copy of Speech of the Earl of Shaftesbury in the Court of King's Bench, 1677 June 29 (4)
  5. Copy of speeches made by Sir Nicholas Bacon before Parliament (1)
  6. Copy of statutes made for the school and hospital at Tadcaster, Yorkshire, May 18, 1595 (14)
  7. Copy of supplication from Walter Travers to the Privy Council (20)
  8. Copy of The beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, 1612 (13)
  9. Copy of The forerunner of reuenge vpon the Duke of Buckingham, for the poysoning of the most potent King Iames of happy memory King of great Britan, and the Lord Marquis of Hamilton and others of the nobilitie, Franckfort, 1626 (17)
  10. Copy of The history of King Henry the Fourth, after 1598 (69)
  11. Copy of The King's Speech to both Houses of Parliament (2)
  12. Copy of the Lord Chancellors speech proroguing the Parliament (2)
  13. Copy of The names of such as be in prison about this late tumult, 1601? [manuscript], 17th century? || Speeches and letters of John Stubbes and William Page on losing their right hands, 1579 [manuscript], 17th century? (1)
  14. Copy of the names of the gentlemen that were knighted at Cadiz, June 1596? [manuscript], 17th century? (1)
  15. Copy of the names of those that have been knighted by Essex in Ireland, 1599? [manuscript], 17th century? (3)
  16. Copy of the order in Chancery relating to the disposition by the Bourgh of Warwick of a certain sum of money intended for the use of the poor, June 19, 1583 (4)
  17. Copy of The original musick in The Indian queen, 1695 [manuscript], ca. 1780. (6)
  18. Copy of The parallel between Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, and George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, 1633? (31)
  19. Copy of The several regiments in this voyage of the Earl of Essex, June 1596 [manuscript], 17th century. (4)
  20. Copy of The tragedy of Blois, where the general assemblies of estates are holden in France, 1588? [manuscript], 17th century? (2)