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  1. Cover is white silk satin in worn but relatively clean condition. There is erosion of the ground fabric, the satin layer is worn in places to show the weave of the fabric, and the linen backing. The front and back covers have the same motif. The cover motif is a scroll cartouche in couched silver twisted metal thread cord, filled with silver bullion stitches. Inside the cartouche is a tulip flower in long and short silk stitches shaded in yellow and two values of pink. There is wear in the flowers' stitches especially in the center, showing the stitching holes in the fabric. There is one spot bullion on each side of the covers, there are worn spots that indicate there were once more of the spots. There remains one spangle on the top right front cover, discoloration on the cover indicates places where there were additional spangles. On the spine, there are alternating bees (three) and poppies (2). The top bee is in worn condition, the wings are rubbed off. The bees are in the same couched silver twisted metal thread cord with bullion fillings in the body and wings. The second bee has only a few rows of bullion stitches in the body remaining. The third (bottom) bee is completely worn off with only the marks of where the stitching was remaining. There is some indication of under stitching in the body of the bee. The first poppy is in better condition than the second. They are stitched in flat silk long and short stitches in the same two pink value colors as the tulips on the cover. The centers are in yellow thread. The stitches are very worn and positive stitch identification is difficult. There are short stitches towards the center that could have been the frame for a spider web stitch that is commonly used for flower centers in this period. (2)
  2. Cover of a letter from John Dryden to Dr. Busby (1)
  3. Cover sheet for a copy of a plea concerning discharge of an annuity (3)
  4. Cover stamps (detail), INC V33 copy 2. (1)
  5. Cover tooling (detail), INC B537. (1)
  6. Cover tooling (detail), STC 3178 copy 2. (1)
  7. Cover tooling (detail), STC 5074 copy 2. (1)
  8. Cover tooling 2 (detail), STC 3178 copy 2. (1)
  9. Cover tooling detail), STC 12476. (1)
  10. Cover tooling detail, STC 10661. (1)
  11. Cover, INC A1077. (1)
  12. Cover, INC A1103. (1)
  13. Cover, INC A1217. (1)
  14. Cover, INC A301. (1)
  15. Cover, INC A490. (1)
  16. Cover, INC A636 c.1. (1)
  17. Cover, INC A636 c.2. (1)
  18. Cover, INC A670. (1)
  19. Cover, INC A69. (1)
  20. Cover, INC A782. (1)