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c-C C-c C-C.a.26 C.a.26-C.c C.c-C.c.1 (3 C.c.1 (3-C.c.1 (5 C.c.1 (5-C.c.1 (7 C.c.1 (7-c C-C2 C3-C5 C5-c c-ca. 15 ca. 15-ca. 153 Ca. 153-c c-ca. 156 ca. 156-ca. 157 ca. 157-ca. 158 ca. 158-C c-ca. 159 ca. 159-ca. 16 ca. 16-ca. 1604 ca. 1604-ca. 161 ca. 161-ca. 1615 ca. 1615-ca. 162 ca. 162-ca. 1627 Ca. 1628-c c-ca. 165 ca. 165-ca. 166 ca. 166-ca. 167 ca. 167-ca. 168 ca. 168-ca. 169 ca. 169-ca. 17 ca. 17-ca. 175 ca. 175-ca. 179 ca. 179-C c-ca. 182 ca. 183-ca. 186 ca. 186-ca. 19 ca. 19-ca.1 ca.1-C C-Cal Cal-Calf Calf-Calf bindings -- I Calf bindings -- I-Calf v Calfsk-Calfskin binding w Calfskin binding w-Calfskin l Calfskin o-c C-Calp Calt-Cam Cam-Came Came-Can Can-Cap Cap-Car Car-Card Card-Cari Cari-Carm Carm-Carp Carp-Cart Cart-Cary Cary-Cas Cas-Cass Cass-Casw Cata-Catc Catc-Cath Cath-Catt Catt-Cav Cav-Caw Caw-Cawarden, Sir Thomas. L Cawarden, Sir Thomas. L-Cawd Cawd-Ce Ce-Cen Cen-Center s Center s-Centerp Centerp-Centerpieces Centerpieces-Cer Cer-Ch Ch-Cham Cham-Chap Chap-Char Char-Charl Charl-Charles I Charles I-Charles K Charles K-Charles, Charlest-Chas Chas-Chà‚ Chea-Ches Ches-Chest Chest-Chi Chi-Chil Chil-Chit Chit-Cho Chr-Chri Chri-Chu Chu-Churchw Churchw-Ci Ci-c C-Cl Cl-Clar Clar-Clark CLARK-Cl Cl-Clasp d Clasp d-Clasps Clasps-Clasps -- F Clasps -- F-Clasps, Clater,-Clay Clay-Cle Cle-Cli Cli-Clo Clo-Clot Clot-Co Co-Coat of arms (detail), S Coat of arms (detail), S-Coat of arms (detail), STC 4 Coat of arms (detail), STC 4-Coat of arms d Coat of arms d-Coats Coats-Coc Coc-Coct Codi-Coi Coi-Col Col-Coli coll-C C-Collection of p Collection of p-Collen Collen-Colli Colli-Colm Colm-Colo Colo-Color color-C C-Colored y Colored y-Colt Colt-Com Com-Come Come-Comedy Comedy-Comedy s Comencia-Comm Comm-Comp Comp-c c-C C-Con Con-Conf Conf-Cons Cons-Const Const-Cont Cont-Conw Conw-Coo Coo-Cooke Cooke-Cooker Cooker-Coop Coop-c C-Copp Copp-Copy Copy-Copy of l Copy of l-Copy of letter o Copy of letter o-Copy of P Copy of R-Copy of T Copy of T-Cor Cor-Cords Cordu-Cori Cori-Coriolanus, a Coriolanus, a-Corn Corn-Corner s Corner s-Cornerp Cornerp-Coro Coro-Cory Cory-Cos Cos-Costumes Cosway, -Cot Cot-Cou Cou-Couv Cove-Cover Cover-Cover, Cover,-Cover, INC M Cover, INC M-Cover, S Cover, S-Covers Covers-Covers b Covers b-Covers, Covers,-Covers, N Covers, P-Covers, S Covers, S-Covers, STC 2 Covers, STC 2-Cow Cow-Cr Cr-Cran Cran-Crav Crav-Cre Cre-Cresw Cret -Cri cri-C C-Cros Cros-Crou Crow-Cru Cru-Crus Crus-Cu Cu-Cum Cun-c C-Cus Cus-Cy Cy-Cymbeline, Cymbeline,-Cymbeline: Cymbeline:-Cyr

Covers b-Covers,

  1. Covers blocked in blind. Upper cover, a rectangular two-line panel with cherubs in corners and a pelican within an oval cartouche. Lower cover appears to have a panel stamp, now much worn and indecipherable. (4)
  2. Covers decorated with gold blocked corner ornaments of interlaced arabesques and strapwork, overpainted in red, pink, and green. The strapwork cartouche, blocked in gilt outline, is embellished with black, white, red, light and dark green paint. A seme of triple dots fills the rest of the panel, which is bordered by gilt and blind fillets with intersections and dots. The spine is decorated with a floral scroll tool and line on each band, with all seven compartments framed by two and three pallets. Four compartments contain an antique mask and floral scroll design; those at top and bottom bear ornate imbrication. The half-band has hatched gilt work. An alternating floral scroll and line motif decorates the edges of the boards. (1)
  3. Covers divided into panels formed by four lines and filled with various individual stamps. (Most of the decoration is worn and disfigured by a craquelure surface, but there appear to be stamped impressions of a rampant lion, a long floral center panel, and a lozenge-shaped tool.) (6)
  4. Covers divided into panels formed by four lines and filled with various individual stamps. (Most of the decoration is worn and disfigured by a craquelure surface, but there appear to be stamped impressions of a rampant lion, a long floral center panel, and a lozengeshaped tool.) (1)
  5. Covers gilt with a flowing arabesque border with fleurons in corners and blocked Royal Arms in the center. Spine divided into three panels; center panel gilt with fleurons and title. Turn-ins and edges of boards decorated with a gilt roll. (2)
  6. Covers gold tooled with a swirling leafy ornamental design in the "Derome style," incorporating abstract fleurons and other flower motifs within a three-line fillet border. Spine divided into six compartments between the raised bands, which are tooled with three-line panels filled with fleurons and floral stamps; title, author, and volume number placed in second and third compartments. Edges of boards tooled with a double fillet and turn-ins and doublures with three- and five-line panels. "STIKEMAN" is tooled on the bottom of the upper cover turn-in. (3)
  7. Covers have a border of a blind tooled double line fillet with a gilt single line fillet in-between. In the center of the cover is a gilt oval hatched ground centerpiece with strapwork and acanthus leaves with a daisy flower stamp tooled around the block. The initials A and H are gilt on either side. The spine is divided into nine panels by gilt double lines. The board edges are gilt with a single line fillet. (1)
  8. Covers have both blind and gilt panels. Inside corners of inner panel bear a gilt fleuron in the style of an acanthus bud. In the center is a gilt wreath and flower. On the spine double blind lines tooled above and below the bands, and at the head and tail. A single gilt fleuron in the center of each panel. (8)
  9. Covers of crimson velvet bordered in a laid silver gilt thread. Stylized flowers, leaves, and stems in a vase arrangement outlined in silver gilt thread. Leaves and petals couched and stitched in silver purl and seed pearls. Petals of central flower couched and embellished with silver gilt purl, seed pearls, and French knots. Stylized flowers growing from earth mounds at base of vase worked in silver purl. Stylized clouds and rays of sun in silver gilt purl decorate the corners. All on a silver purl background. Spine, a single panel framed in laid silver gilt thread filled with arabesques of silver gilt thread and silver purl. (2)
  10. Covers speckled with acid to create the mottled design. The spine is divided into six panels. The second panel has a burgundy calfskin leather label with gilt author and title. All other panels are gilt with a double line framed with broad leaf scroll brackets at the corners and with a looped stem and leaf daisy stamp in the center. At the bottom of the bottom panel is the binder's name gilt: DEFLINNE. (3)
  11. Covers stamped in blind with a panel of two medallion heads placed horizontally: a young man wearing a helmet and a woman (Aeneas and Dido?), inside a narrow border of leafy tendrils. Each panel is framed by blind fillets. (7)
  12. covers stamped with arms of James I; Harmsworth copy (2)
  13. Covers tooled with a triple line gilt fillet frame. The spine is divided into six panels, all of which have gilt frames bordered with the triple line fillet and a double line fillet. Text is gilt in the second and third panels. All other panels have a large monogram HMW superimposed. The board edges are gilt with a double line fillet. The turn-in is gilt with the triple line fillet. (3)
  14. Covers tooled with a variable width triple line fillet border with the gilt crowned arms of Queen Elizabeth with motto within a leafy rhombus fame. The spine, divided into seven panels, has a new red leather label in the second panel. The other panels have a gilt four acorn stamp in the center of the panels. (2)
  15. Covers with gilt two-line fillet border and panel with a very popular Restoration flower tool at angles. Edges of the boards decorated by a gilt roll. Spine divided into two panels by two-line fillets with a small floral tool at angles. (4)
  16. Covers, 20th century Riviere and son binding, STC 20477 copy 3. (1)
  17. Covers, ac 180084. (1)
  18. Covers, ART Vol. a71. (1)
  19. Covers, B2812. (1)
  20. Covers, B781 .A33 1532 Cage. (1)