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c-C C-c C-C.a.26 C.a.26-C.c C.c-C.c.1 (3 C.c.1 (3-C.c.1 (5 C.c.1 (5-C.c.1 (7 C.c.1 (7-c C-C2 C3-C5 C5-c c-ca. 15 ca. 15-ca. 153 Ca. 153-c c-ca. 156 ca. 156-ca. 157 ca. 157-ca. 158 ca. 158-C c-ca. 159 ca. 159-ca. 16 ca. 16-ca. 1604 ca. 1604-ca. 161 ca. 161-ca. 1615 ca. 1615-ca. 162 ca. 162-ca. 1627 Ca. 1628-c c-ca. 165 ca. 165-ca. 166 ca. 166-ca. 167 ca. 167-ca. 168 ca. 168-ca. 169 ca. 169-ca. 17 ca. 17-ca. 175 ca. 175-ca. 179 ca. 179-C c-ca. 182 ca. 183-ca. 186 ca. 186-ca. 19 ca. 19-ca.1 ca.1-C C-Cal Cal-Calf Calf-Calf bindings -- I Calf bindings -- I-Calf v Calfsk-Calfskin binding w Calfskin binding w-Calfskin l Calfskin o-c C-Calp Calt-Cam Cam-Came Came-Can Can-Cap Cap-Car Car-Card Card-Cari Cari-Carm Carm-Carp Carp-Cart Cart-Cary Cary-Cas Cas-Cass Cass-Casw Cata-Catc Catc-Cath Cath-Catt Catt-Cav Cav-Caw Caw-Cawarden, Sir Thomas. L Cawarden, Sir Thomas. L-Cawd Cawd-Ce Ce-Cen Cen-Center s Center s-Centerp Centerp-Centerpieces Centerpieces-Cer Cer-Ch Ch-Cham Cham-Chap Chap-Char Char-Charl Charl-Charles I Charles I-Charles K Charles K-Charles, Charlest-Chas Chas-Châ Chea-Ches Ches-Chest Chest-Chi Chi-Chil Chil-Chit Chit-Cho Chr-Chri Chri-Chu Chu-Churchw Churchw-Ci Ci-c C-Cl Cl-Clar Clar-Clark CLARK-Cl Cl-Clasp d Clasp d-Clasps Clasps-Clasps -- F Clasps -- F-Clasps, Clater,-Clay Clay-Cle Cle-Cli Cli-Clo Clo-Clot Clot-Co Co-Coat of arms (detail), S Coat of arms (detail), S-Coat of arms (detail), STC 4 Coat of arms (detail), STC 4-Coat of arms d Coat of arms d-Coats Coats-Coc Coc-Coct Codi-Coi Coi-Col Col-Coli coll-C C-Collection of p Collection of p-Collen Collen-Colli Colli-Colm Colm-Colo Colo-Color color-C C-Colored y Colored y-Colt Colt-Com Com-Come Come-Comedy Comedy-Comedy s Comencia-Comm Comm-Comp Comp-c c-C C-Con Con-Conf Conf-Cons Cons-Const Const-Cont Cont-Conw Conw-Coo Coo-Cooke Cooke-Cooker Cooker-Coop Coop-c C-Copp Copp-Copy Copy-Copy of l Copy of l-Copy of letter o Copy of letter o-Copy of P Copy of R-Copy of T Copy of T-Cor Cor-Cords Cordu-Cori Cori-Coriolanus, a Coriolanus, a-Corn Corn-Corner s Corner s-Cornerp Cornerp-Coro Coro-Cory Cory-Cos Cos-Costumes Cosway, -Cot Cot-Cou Cou-Couv Cove-Cover Cover-Cover, Cover,-Cover, INC M Cover, INC M-Cover, S Cover, S-Covers Covers-Covers b Covers b-Covers, Covers,-Covers, N Covers, P-Covers, S Covers, S-Covers, STC 2 Covers, STC 2-Cow Cow-Cr Cr-Cran Cran-Crav Crav-Cre Cre-Cresw Cret -Cri cri-C C-Cros Cros-Crou Crow-Cru Cru-Crus Crus-Cu Cu-Cum Cun-c C-Cus Cus-Cy Cy-Cymbeline, Cymbeline,-Cymbeline: Cymbeline:-Cyr


  1. ca.1962 (1)
  2. Cabala, sive Scrinia sacra: mysteries of state and government, in letters of illustrious persons, and great ministers of state, as well foreign as domestick, in the reigns of King Henry the Eighth, Queen Elizabeth, King James, and King Charles. Wherein such secrets of empire, and publick affairs, as were then in agitation, are clearly represented; and many remarkable passages faithfully collected. To which is added in this third edition, a second part, consisting of a choice collection of original letters and negotiations, never before published. With two exact tables to each part; the one of the letters, and the other of the most remarkable occurrences. (3)
  3. Cabanel, Alexandre, 1823-1889, artist. (1)
  4. Cacchi, Giuseppe, fl. 1568-1593, printer. (2)
  5. Caccianimici, Francesco Maria, b. 1567. (1)
  6. Cadart, Alfred, 1828-1875, publisher. (1)
  7. Cade, J. J., fl. 1890-1900, printmaker. (1)
  8. Cadell & Davies, bookseller. (1)
  9. Cadell & Davies, publisher. (7)
  10. Cadell, Robert, publisher. (1)
  11. Cadell, T. (Thomas), 1742-1802, bookseller. (2)
  12. Cadell, T. (Thomas), 1742-1802, publisher. (2)
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  14. Cadell, Thomas, 1773-1836, publisher. (229)
  15. Caelij Augustini Curionis Sarracenicae historiae libri III : in quibus Sarracenorum, Turcaru[m], Aegypti Sultanorum, Mamalucorum, Assasinorum, Tartarorum, Sophianorumq́ue, qui in perfide regnant, origines & incrementa, septingentorumq́[ue] annorum res ab illis gestae, breuissimè explicantur : his accessit Volfgangi Drechsleri, Rerum Sarracenicarum Turcicarumq́[ue] chronicon, auctum, & ad annum M.D.LXVII usq[ue] perductum : cum rerum & uerborum in hisce praecipuè memorabilium copioso indice. (1)
  16. Caelivs Secvndi Durio his historie of the warr of Malta (2)
  17. Caesar & Calphurnia: "O Caesar! These things are beyond all use & I do fear them," act II, scene II [graphic] / F. Dicksee pinxt. ; J. Bauer sculpt. (1)
  18. Caesar, Julius, author. (14)
  19. Caesar, Julius, of Padua. (1)
  20. Caesar, Julius, Sir, 1558-1636, signer. (186)