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Calfsk-Calfskin binding w

  1. Calfskin binding blind tooled in a panel design formed with a small fine Greek key decorative roll. The outer panel is filled with three decorative rolls: a stylized tulip roll, a rosette in a tulip and fern roll, and a thistle, fern and flower roll. The center is filled with a merrythought diaper pattern. The spine (rebacked) is divided into five panels separated by spaced double raised bands. The author, date and Edit: Princ is gilt on a leather label in the second panel. All the others are filled with blind tooled decorative rolls used on the covers. (3)
  2. Calfskin binding for Edward Palmer with intials and gilt centerpiece. (3)
  3. Calfskin binding over wooden boards with figurehead blind tooled roll. (2)
  4. Calfskin binding presentation copy "Mr. Richard Dermer To Christs Hospitall" (1)
  5. Calfskin binding presentation copy "Mr. Richard Dermer To Christs Hospitall". (1)
  6. Calfskin binding with armorial stamp (the gilt image of a wolf) of Robert Lovett, Esq.. (3)
  7. Calfskin binding with armorial stamp on the spine of Algernon Capell, Earl of Essex. (4)
  8. Calfskin binding with blind and gold tooling. (3)
  9. Calfskin binding with blind centerpiece stamp flanked by the initials C B. (2)
  10. Calfskin binding with blind centerpiece stamp. (3)
  11. Calfskin binding with blind decorative rolls and clasps. (3)
  12. Calfskin binding with blind diaper pattern and capstan roll frame. (6)
  13. Calfskin binding with decorative blind rolls and clasps. (4)
  14. Calfskin binding with decorative figure roll tooling. (3)
  15. Calfskin binding with decorative roll panels. (2)
  16. Calfskin binding with decorative roll with the initials "I A" in the design. (2)
  17. Calfskin binding with decorative rolls. (5)
  18. Calfskin binding with diced panel and capstan decorative roll with the initials R T stamped on the covers. (4)
  19. Calfskin binding with earlier fragement of the original binding onlaid with the crest of Edward Dering. (3)
  20. Calfskin binding with fern roll and anthemion stamps. (4)