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E,-E. E.-E.H E.H-E2 E3-Ea Ea-Early Early-Early 16th century G Early 16th century G-Early 17 Early 17-Early 17th century E Early 17th century E-Early 17th century English b Early 17th century English b-Early 17th century English c Early 17th century English c-Early 17th century English d Early 17th century English e-Early 17th century English l Early 17th century English l-Early 17th century F Early 17th century F-Early 17th century G early 17th century G-E E-Early 18 Early 18-Early 18th century F Early 18th century F-Early 19 Early 19-Early 19th century English b Early 19th century English b-Early 19th century English binding. Early 19th century English calfskin-Early 19th century S Early 19th century v-Early 2 Early 2-Eas Eas-Ec Ec-Ed Ed-Edi Edi-Edinbu Edith -Edm Edm-Edw Edw-Edward S Edward S-Edwards Edwards-Edwi Edwi-Edwin Booth a Edwin Booth a-Edwin Booth' Edwin Booth'-Edwin F Edwin F-Ef Ef-Eg Eg-Ei Ei-El El-Ele Ele-Eli Eli-Eliz Eliz-Elizabetha Elizabetha-Ell Ell-Elli Elli-Els Elt-Em Em-Embr Embr-Emp Emp-En En-Endband, Endband,-Endbands Endbands-Endbands. Endbands.-Eng Eng-England and Wales. C England and Wales. C-England and Wales. L England and Wales. L-England and Wales. P England and Wales. P-England and Wales. S England and Wales. S-England, England,-England, L England, L-England, London : P England, London : p-England, N England, O-Englands Englands-Engli Engli-Eno Ens-Ep Ep-Eq Eq-Er Er-Es Es-Est Est-Et Et-Eu Eu-Ev Ev-e E-Evidence o Evidence o-Evidence of f evidence of g-E E-Evidence of two c Evidence of two c-Evidence of two f Evidence of two f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps, Evidence of two fore-edge clasps,-Evidence of two fore-edge g Evidence of two fore-edge g-Evidence of two g Evidence of two l-Evidence of two t Evidence of two t-Ex Ex-Exa Exa-Exc Exc-Ext Ext-Extr Extr-Ey

England and Wales. S-England,

  1. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) (30)
  2. England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II) (7)
  3. England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II) His Majesties declaration to all his loving subjects, concerning the treasonable conspiracy against his sacred person and government, lately discovered. Appointed to be read in all churches and chappels within this kingdom 1683 (7)
  4. England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II). (3)
  5. England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II) (6)
  6. England and Wales. Sovereign (1689-1694 : William and Mary) (5)
  7. England and Wales. Treasury. (1)
  8. England and Wales.Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I) (2)
  9. England Wales Scotland and Ireland described and abridgedwith ye historic relation of things worthy memory from a farr larger voulume done by Iohn Speed (63)
  10. England's birth-right justified : against all arbitrary usurpation, whether regall or parliamentary, or under what vizor soever. With divers queries, observations and grievances of the people, declaring this Parliaments present proceedings to be directly contrary to those fundamentall principles, whereby their actions at first were justifyable against the King, in their present illegall dealings with those that have been their best friends, advancers and preservers: and in other things of high concernment to the freedom of all the free-born people of England; by a well-wisher to the just cause for which Lieutenant Col. John Lilburne is unjustly im-prisoned in New-gate. (2)
  11. England's grand memorial: the unparallel'd plot to destroy His Majesty, subvert the Protestant religion: and Sir Edmund burie Godfrey's murder made visible. (1)
  12. England's pen-man: or, Cocker's new copy-book. Containing all the curious hands practised in England, and our neighbouring nations: with admirable directions peculiar to each hand. As also, the breaks of secretary, Roman and Italian letters: with the exemplifying court-hand: and an exact copy of the Greek alphabet. Never the like publish'd, as the impartial judicious may determine. Together with instructions for copies alphabetically digested, and fitted for the use of all scholars and others, &c. Written, and engraven by Edward Cocker. (5)
  13. England's remembrancer : being a collection of farewel-sermons preached by divers non-conformists in the country. (6)
  14. England, [[London] : Richardus Grafton, typographus regius excudebat], Anno. M.D.L. [1550 (July)] (2)
  15. England, [Londini : in officina Thomæ Berleti [i.e. Bertheleti; and N. Hill?] typis impress.], Anno. M.D.XLIII. [1543, i.e. ca. 1550?] (2)
  16. England, [London : Printed by Richarde Fawkes, 1530 (4 Nov.)] (2)
  17. England, [London : Printed by William Rastell, 1529] (3)
  18. England, [London] : 1559. Mense Aprilis. Imprinted at London, by Ihon Kyngston, [1559 (April)] (2)
  19. England, [London] : Excudebat [N. Hill for] Henricus Smythe co[m]morans extra Temple barre in parochia sancti Clementi ad intersignu[m] sancti Trinitatis, An. restituete salutis M·D·XLVI. [1546] (2)
  20. England, [London] : Printed by [R. Grafton for] Iohn Reynes, dwellynge at the sygne of saynte George in Pauls churcheyarde, [1542] (2)