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E,-E. E.-E.H E.H-E2 E3-Ea Ea-Early Early-Early 16th century G Early 16th century G-Early 17 Early 17-Early 17th century E Early 17th century E-Early 17th century English b Early 17th century English b-Early 17th century English c Early 17th century English c-Early 17th century English d Early 17th century English e-Early 17th century English l Early 17th century English l-Early 17th century F Early 17th century F-Early 17th century G early 17th century G-E E-Early 18 Early 18-Early 18th century F Early 18th century F-Early 19 Early 19-Early 19th century English b Early 19th century English b-Early 19th century English binding. Early 19th century English calfskin-Early 19th century S Early 19th century v-Early 2 Early 2-Eas Eas-Ec Ec-Ed Ed-Edi Edi-Edinbu Edith -Edm Edm-Edw Edw-Edward S Edward S-Edwards Edwards-Edwi Edwi-Edwin Booth a Edwin Booth a-Edwin Booth' Edwin Booth'-Edwin F Edwin F-Ef Ef-Eg Eg-Ei Ei-El El-Ele Ele-Eli Eli-Eliz Eliz-Elizabetha Elizabetha-Ell Ell-Elli Elli-Els Elt-Em Em-Embr Embr-Emp Emp-En En-Endband, Endband,-Endbands Endbands-Endbands. Endbands.-Eng Eng-England and Wales. C England and Wales. C-England and Wales. L England and Wales. L-England and Wales. P England and Wales. P-England and Wales. S England and Wales. S-England, England,-England, L England, L-England, London : P England, London : p-England, N England, O-Englands Englands-Engli Engli-Eno Ens-Ep Ep-Eq Eq-Er Er-Es Es-Est Est-Et Et-Eu Eu-Ev Ev-e E-Evidence o Evidence o-Evidence of f evidence of g-E E-Evidence of two c Evidence of two c-Evidence of two f Evidence of two f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps, Evidence of two fore-edge clasps,-Evidence of two fore-edge g Evidence of two fore-edge g-Evidence of two g Evidence of two l-Evidence of two t Evidence of two t-Ex Ex-Exa Exa-Exc Exc-Ext Ext-Extr Extr-Ey

England, London : p-England, N

  1. England, London : printed by Iohn Daye, dwellyng ouer Aldersgate. These bookes are to be sold at hys shop vnder the gate, 1570. (3)
  2. England, London : Printed by Richard Badger, printer to the Prince his Highnes, MDCXXXIX. [1639] (5)
  3. England, London : printed by Robert Barker and Iohn Bill, printers to the Kings most excellent Maiestie, anno 1616 [i.e. 1620] (2)
  4. England, London : printed by T. Snodham, for Iohn Brovvne, and are to be sould at his shoppe in S. Dunstones Church-yard in Fleetstreet, 1609. (2)
  5. England, London : Printed by T[homas] C[reede] for VV[illiam] P[onsonby], 1595. (4)
  6. England, London : printed by W. Iaggard, 1609. (3)
  7. England, London : Printed by W. Stansby, for Robert Mylbourne in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Grey-hound, MDCXXXI. [1631] (2)
  8. England, London : printed by Wi: Stansby and are to be sold by I. Parker, [1620] (2)
  9. England, London : Printed by William Stansby, 1614 (2)
  10. England, London : Printed by William Stansbye - and are to be sold by George Lathum, [1639] (3)
  11. England, London : Typis Gulielmi Iaggard: in via Barbicanea, 1608. (William Jaggard) (2)
  12. England, London in Fleetestrete within Temple Barre, at the signe of the Hand and Starre by Richarde Tottyll. 1591. (2)
  13. England, London in South Warke : by me Peter Treueris, In the yere of our lorde god. M.D.xxix. the xvii day of Marce. [1529]] (2)
  14. England, London R. Barker, 1604 (3)
  15. England, London: [Printed by Richard Field] impensis Georg. Bishop & Ioh. Norton, 1610. (1)
  16. England, London: By the deputies of Christopher Barker, printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie, Anno 1594 (2)
  17. England, London: printed by I. R[oberts]. for N. L[ing]. and are to be sold at his shop, in Paules Churchyard at the signe of the Crane, 1600 (3)
  18. England, London? (2)
  19. England, Manchester (2)
  20. England, Newcastle (2)