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E,-E. E.-E.H E.H-E2 E3-Ea Ea-Early Early-Early 16th century G Early 16th century G-Early 17 Early 17-Early 17th century E Early 17th century E-Early 17th century English b Early 17th century English b-Early 17th century English c Early 17th century English c-Early 17th century English d Early 17th century English e-Early 17th century English l Early 17th century English l-Early 17th century F Early 17th century F-Early 17th century G early 17th century G-E E-Early 18 Early 18-Early 18th century F Early 18th century F-Early 19 Early 19-Early 19th century English b Early 19th century English b-Early 19th century English binding. Early 19th century English calfskin-Early 19th century S Early 19th century v-Early 2 Early 2-Eas Eas-Ec Ec-Ed Ed-Edi Edi-Edinbu Edith -Edm Edm-Edw Edw-Edward S Edward S-Edwards Edwards-Edwi Edwi-Edwin Booth a Edwin Booth a-Edwin Booth' Edwin Booth'-Edwin F Edwin F-Ef Ef-Eg Eg-Ei Ei-El El-Ele Ele-Eli Eli-Eliz Eliz-Elizabetha Elizabetha-Ell Ell-Elli Elli-Els Elt-Em Em-Embr Embr-Emp Emp-En En-Endband, Endband,-Endbands Endbands-Endbands. Endbands.-Eng Eng-England and Wales. C England and Wales. C-England and Wales. L England and Wales. L-England and Wales. P England and Wales. P-England and Wales. S England and Wales. S-England, England,-England, L England, L-England, London : P England, London : p-England, N England, O-Englands Englands-Engli Engli-Eno Ens-Ep Ep-Eq Eq-Er Er-Es Es-Est Est-Et Et-Eu Eu-Ev Ev-e E-Evidence o Evidence o-Evidence of f evidence of g-E E-Evidence of two c Evidence of two c-Evidence of two f Evidence of two f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps, Evidence of two fore-edge clasps,-Evidence of two fore-edge g Evidence of two fore-edge g-Evidence of two g Evidence of two l-Evidence of two t Evidence of two t-Ex Ex-Exa Exa-Exc Exc-Ext Ext-Extr Extr-Ey


  1. Epigrammata Antiquae Urbis. (3)
  2. Epigrammaton Libri XII. [And] Ausoniou, Decimus Magnus. Opera. (7)
  3. Epigrams (148)
  4. Epiphanie medicorum. (1)
  5. Epiphanius, Saint, Bp. of Constantia in Cyprus. (1)
  6. Episcopal Church in Scotland. (3)
  7. Episcopius, Nicolaus, 1501-1564, printer. (4)
  8. Episodes de la vie de Shakespeare [graphic] / G. Staal, inv. ; Fd. Delannoy, sc. (1)
  9. Epistolarum Legationis Gallicae Libri II ad Maximillianum II et Rudophum II… (2)
  10. Epistolary curiosities : series the first [-second] : consisting of unpublished letters, of the seventeenth [-eighteenth] century, illustrative of the Herbert family, and of the reigns of James I, Charles I, Charles II, James II, and William III ... with notes, and an appendix / edited by Rebecca Warner. (10)
  11. Epistole Ouidij cum commento : Pu. Ouidij Nasonis Sulmonensis opera summa diligentia elimata hic contenta ... (3)
  12. Epitaph for Anne Donne [manuscript], 1601/1602 February 2. (2)
  13. Epitaph for Hogarth... To Shakespear Natur gave a pen... [manuscript] (3)
  14. Epitaphia ex civitate Romana ... (2)
  15. Epithalamium Gallo-Britannicum: or, Great-Britaines, Frances, and the most parts of Europes vnspeakable ioy, for the most happy vnion, and blessed contract of the high and mighty Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and the Lady Henrette Maria, daughter to He (2)
  16. Epitome thesauri antiquitatum (1)
  17. Equal size double-tiered headbands sewn with brown, light green, beige, and white silk with a front bead. (3)
  18. Equal size double-tiered yellow silk headbands. (1)
  19. Equal sized double tiered with a front bead sewn with white, red, and dark green silk thread. (2)
  20. Equal-size double tiered headbands sewn with dark green silk sewn over tanned leather cores. (2)