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E,-E. E.-E.H E.H-E2 E3-Ea Ea-Early Early-Early 16th century G Early 16th century G-Early 17 Early 17-Early 17th century E Early 17th century E-Early 17th century English b Early 17th century English b-Early 17th century English c Early 17th century English c-Early 17th century English d Early 17th century English e-Early 17th century English l Early 17th century English l-Early 17th century F Early 17th century F-Early 17th century G early 17th century G-E E-Early 18 Early 18-Early 18th century F Early 18th century F-Early 19 Early 19-Early 19th century English b Early 19th century English b-Early 19th century English binding. Early 19th century English calfskin-Early 19th century S Early 19th century v-Early 2 Early 2-Eas Eas-Ec Ec-Ed Ed-Edi Edi-Edinbu Edith -Edm Edm-Edw Edw-Edward S Edward S-Edwards Edwards-Edwi Edwi-Edwin Booth a Edwin Booth a-Edwin Booth' Edwin Booth'-Edwin F Edwin F-Ef Ef-Eg Eg-Ei Ei-El El-Ele Ele-Eli Eli-Eliz Eliz-Elizabetha Elizabetha-Ell Ell-Elli Elli-Els Elt-Em Em-Embr Embr-Emp Emp-En En-Endband, Endband,-Endbands Endbands-Endbands. Endbands.-Eng Eng-England and Wales. C England and Wales. C-England and Wales. L England and Wales. L-England and Wales. P England and Wales. P-England and Wales. S England and Wales. S-England, England,-England, L England, L-England, London : P England, London : p-England, N England, O-Englands Englands-Engli Engli-Eno Ens-Ep Ep-Eq Eq-Er Er-Es Es-Est Est-Et Et-Eu Eu-Ev Ev-e E-Evidence o Evidence o-Evidence of f evidence of g-E E-Evidence of two c Evidence of two c-Evidence of two f Evidence of two f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps, Evidence of two fore-edge clasps,-Evidence of two fore-edge g Evidence of two fore-edge g-Evidence of two g Evidence of two l-Evidence of two t Evidence of two t-Ex Ex-Exa Exa-Exc Exc-Ext Ext-Extr Extr-Ey

E-Evidence o

  1. Evidence and remnants of two brown ribbon fore-edge ties. (1)
  2. Evidence and traces of two green fore-edge ties. (3)
  3. Evidence hole of chain binding, Folio PA8585 U9 1502 Cage. (1)
  4. Evidence indicates that there was a single blank flyleaf (now missing) and a single paste-down. (1)
  5. Evidence of a blue linen thread, now missing. (5)
  6. evidence of a fore-edge flap that extended to the back cover and was held closed by two ties ? (2)
  7. Evidence of a paste-down and flyleaf at the front and a multi leaf section at the back which has been used for manuscript annotations. (3)
  8. Evidence of a pink silk thread in the gutter of the front flyleaf. (3)
  9. Evidence of a red coloration, mostly trimmed away. (2)
  10. Evidence of a single clasp hinging from the front cover catching on the back cover. Trefoil shaped catch extant on back cover. Evidence of early chain attachment at the foot of the back cover. (3)
  11. Evidence of a single fabric tie on the front cover. (3)
  12. Evidence of a single fore-edge clasp hinging from the front cover and catching on the back cover. The unlined tanned leather strap was held with a single nail. The simple catch plate is still extant. (4)
  13. Evidence of a single fore-edge tawed leather strap. (2)
  14. Evidence of a single fore-edge tie. (3)
  15. Evidence of a single rectangular catch on the front board strap plate is extant on back cover. (4)
  16. Evidence of a single ribbon tie attached to the back cover. (1)
  17. Evidence of a single silver solid metal fore-edge clasp. The metal hinge and catch plates are inside the boards. The hasp is missing. (5)
  18. Evidence of an earlier red sprinkled edge decoration. (4)
  19. Evidence of blue and white linen thread. (2)
  20. Evidence of bright green silk thread. (1)