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E,-E. E.-E.H E.H-E2 E3-Ea Ea-Early Early-Early 16th century G Early 16th century G-Early 17 Early 17-Early 17th century E Early 17th century E-Early 17th century English b Early 17th century English b-Early 17th century English c Early 17th century English c-Early 17th century English d Early 17th century English e-Early 17th century English l Early 17th century English l-Early 17th century F Early 17th century F-Early 17th century G early 17th century G-E E-Early 18 Early 18-Early 18th century F Early 18th century F-Early 19 Early 19-Early 19th century English b Early 19th century English b-Early 19th century English binding. Early 19th century English calfskin-Early 19th century S Early 19th century v-Early 2 Early 2-Eas Eas-Ec Ec-Ed Ed-Edi Edi-Edinbu Edith -Edm Edm-Edw Edw-Edward S Edward S-Edwards Edwards-Edwi Edwi-Edwin Booth a Edwin Booth a-Edwin Booth' Edwin Booth'-Edwin F Edwin F-Ef Ef-Eg Eg-Ei Ei-El El-Ele Ele-Eli Eli-Eliz Eliz-Elizabetha Elizabetha-Ell Ell-Elli Elli-Els Elt-Em Em-Embr Embr-Emp Emp-En En-Endband, Endband,-Endbands Endbands-Endbands. Endbands.-Eng Eng-England and Wales. C England and Wales. C-England and Wales. L England and Wales. L-England and Wales. P England and Wales. P-England and Wales. S England and Wales. S-England, England,-England, L England, L-England, London : P England, London : p-England, N England, O-Englands Englands-Engli Engli-Eno Ens-Ep Ep-Eq Eq-Er Er-Es Es-Est Est-Et Et-Eu Eu-Ev Ev-e E-Evidence o Evidence o-Evidence of f evidence of g-E E-Evidence of two c Evidence of two c-Evidence of two f Evidence of two f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the f-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c Evidence of two fore-edge clasps hinging from the front c-Evidence of two fore-edge clasps, Evidence of two fore-edge clasps,-Evidence of two fore-edge g Evidence of two fore-edge g-Evidence of two g Evidence of two l-Evidence of two t Evidence of two t-Ex Ex-Exa Exa-Exc Exc-Ext Ext-Extr Extr-Ey

Early 2-Eas

  1. Early 20th century Italian velvet binding with embossed medallion portrait of Antonius Grimanus. (4)
  2. Early 20th century pastiche of a 15th century binding. (2)
  3. Early 20th century Portuguese binding by M. Gomes. (7)
  4. early 20th century red goatskin binding designed by Douglas Cockerell for the W. H. Smith and son bindery (1)
  5. Early 20th century red goatskin binding designed by Douglas Cockerell for the W. H. Smith and Son bindery. (2)
  6. Early 20th century Swiss cuir-ciselé binding by Hans Asper. (3)
  7. Early device with initials "T C" inked on the top edge. (8)
  8. Early inscription (mark of ownership?) on t.p., defaced, illegible; bookplate of W.T. Smedley; purchased in 1924. (2)
  9. Early label at head of front cover reading "Ropert[us] Holcot sup[er] lib[er] sapiẽ."; fragment of an early paper label on spine reading "VII [...?]9:" (other inscriptions have been covered by more recent labels). Purchased in 1958. (5)
  10. Early marks of ownership in upper and lower margins of leaf a1r, erased, illegible. (3)
  11. Early nineteenth century (3)
  12. Early nineteenth century. (1)
  13. Early owner's inscription, 267233. (1)
  14. Early plans for circular theater. (1)
  15. Early recycled vellum manuscript flyleaves with short guards. (5)
  16. Early title/author inscription on lower edge reading from back to front cover. (7)
  17. Early vellum recycled manuscript flyleaves, paper paste-downs. (5)
  18. East Capitol Street elevation, bas reliefs above windows (1)
  19. East Capitol Street elevation, lower wings (1)
  20. East Capitol Street elevation, recessed statues at ends (1)