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G. &-G. W G., -G.c G.c-G1 G1-G2 G3-Ga Ga-Gai Gai-Gal Gal-Gam Gam-Gar Gar-Garr Garr-Garrick' Garrick'-Garrick, Garrick,-Gat Gat-Gau Gau-Gauffered f Gauffered f-Gaw Gaw-Ge Ge-Gel Gel-Gen Gen-Geo Geo-Geor Geor-George I George J-Ger Ger-Germ Germ-Ges Ges-Gh Gh-Gi Gi-Gil Gil-Gilc Gild-Gill Gill-g G-Gilt and gauffered o Gilt and gauffered o-Gilt and gauffered w Gilt and gauffered w-Gilt b Gilt b-Gilt e Gilt e-Gilt f Gilt f-Gilt o Gilt o-Gilt on all three edges. Gilt on all three sides.-Gilt t Gilt t-Gilt, Gilt,-Gir Gir-Gl Gl-Glo Glo-Go Go-Goatskin bindings -- I Goatskin bindings -- I-Goatskin v Gobbo: I h-God God-Gol Gol-Gold b Gold b-Gold t Gold t-Gold tooled bindings -- F Gold tooled bindings -- F-Gold tooled bindings -- N Gold tooled bindings -- O-Gold tooled i Gold tooled i-Golda Golda-Goll Golt-Goo Goo-Goodr Goodw-Gor Gor-Gou Gou-Goy Goz-Gr Gr-Gran Gran-Grant Grant-Grav Grav-Gre Gre-Great Britain. Great Britain.-Great Britain. O Great Britain. O-Great Britain. Office of the revels. C Great Britain. Office of the revels. C-Great Britain. Office of the revels. J Great Britain. Office of the revels. L-Great Britain. Office of the revels. R Great Britain. Office of the revels. R-Great Britain. Office of the revels. T Great Britain. Office of the revels. T-Great Britain. Office of the t Great Britain. Office of the t-Great Britain. P Great Britain. P-Great Britain. Privy Council. W Great Britain. Privy Council. W-Great Britain. S Great Britain. S-Great Britain. Sovereigns, etc., Great Britain. Sovereigns, etc.,-Greatb Greatb-Gree Gree-Green and w Green and w-Green g Green l-Green t Green v-Green, green,-G g-G G-Grel Gren-Gri Gri-Grig Grim-Gro Gro-Gry GT2-GT5 GT5-Gu Gu-Gui Gui-Gul Gum-Gut Gut-GV GV-Gy


  1. Geoffroy, Charles Michel, 1819-1882, artist. (9)
  2. Geoffroy, Charles Michel, 1819-1882, printmaker. (6)
  3. Geografia… (1)
  4. Geographia. Latin (1)
  5. Geographia... (2)
  6. Geographical Society of Geneva. (3)
  7. Geographie delineated forth in two bookes. ... (1)
  8. Geographie, opus novissima (1)
  9. Geometria y traça para el oficio de los sastres : para que sepan como an de cortar qualesquier generos de ropas, assi de seda, como de paño, tela de oro y de plata, lanilla, y rajeta batanada, y de otra qualquier tela, assi para hombres, como para mugeres, clerigos y frayles / compuesto y traçado por Diego el Freyle, natural de la ciudad de Granada, y vezino de la ciudad de Seuilla, examinado del dicho officio. (94)
  10. Geometrical Compartment Binder (2)
  11. Geometrical Compartment Binder. (5)
  12. Georg Fugger (1577-1643), son of Jacob Fugger and Anna Ilsung von Tratzberg, Imperial Councillor, Prefect of the province of Swabia, Captain of the County of Mitterburg and Knight of Calatrava; purchased in 1969 from Bernard Quaritch, London, Catalogue 897, no. 189. (1)
  13. Georg Stengel (1584-1651). (4)
  14. Georg, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1779-1860, correspondent. (8)
  15. George a Greene (Play) (1)
  16. George a Greene (Play) A pleasant conceyted comedie of George a Greene, the pinner of VVakefield. As it was sundry times acted by the seruants of the right Honourable the Earle of Sussex. (39)
  17. George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, OB. 1633 [graphic] / Phillibrown sc. (1)
  18. George Allen Library. (3)
  19. George Anne Bellamy ... [graphic] / [F. Cotes and J.H. Ramberg, artists] ; Sands sc. (1)
  20. George Chalmers (1742-1825) copy; Inscription on front free endpaper: Britwell Court shelfmark: "6.C.19."; Britwell sale, 31 January 1921:pt. 2,406; collated by E. Talbot at Quaritch; Harmsworth copy. (11)