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G. &-G. W G., -G.c G.c-G1 G1-G2 G3-Ga Ga-Gai Gai-Gal Gal-Gam Gam-Gar Gar-Garr Garr-Garrick' Garrick'-Garrick, Garrick,-Gat Gat-Gau Gau-Gauffered f Gauffered f-Gaw Gaw-Ge Ge-Gel Gel-Gen Gen-Geo Geo-Geor Geor-George I George J-Ger Ger-Germ Germ-Ges Ges-Gh Gh-Gi Gi-Gil Gil-Gilc Gild-Gill Gill-g G-Gilt and gauffered o Gilt and gauffered o-Gilt and gauffered w Gilt and gauffered w-Gilt b Gilt b-Gilt e Gilt e-Gilt f Gilt f-Gilt o Gilt o-Gilt on all three edges. Gilt on all three sides.-Gilt t Gilt t-Gilt, Gilt,-Gir Gir-Gl Gl-Glo Glo-Go Go-Goatskin bindings -- I Goatskin bindings -- I-Goatskin v Gobbo: I h-God God-Gol Gol-Gold b Gold b-Gold t Gold t-Gold tooled bindings -- F Gold tooled bindings -- F-Gold tooled bindings -- N Gold tooled bindings -- O-Gold tooled i Gold tooled i-Golda Golda-Goll Golt-Goo Goo-Goodr Goodw-Gor Gor-Gou Gou-Goy Goz-Gr Gr-Gran Gran-Grant Grant-Grav Grav-Gre Gre-Great Britain. Great Britain.-Great Britain. O Great Britain. O-Great Britain. Office of the revels. C Great Britain. Office of the revels. C-Great Britain. Office of the revels. J Great Britain. Office of the revels. L-Great Britain. Office of the revels. R Great Britain. Office of the revels. R-Great Britain. Office of the revels. T Great Britain. Office of the revels. T-Great Britain. Office of the t Great Britain. Office of the t-Great Britain. P Great Britain. P-Great Britain. Privy Council. W Great Britain. Privy Council. W-Great Britain. S Great Britain. S-Great Britain. Sovereigns, etc., Great Britain. Sovereigns, etc.,-Greatb Greatb-Gree Gree-Green and w Green and w-Green g Green l-Green t Green v-Green, green,-G g-G G-Grel Gren-Gri Gri-Grig Grim-Gro Gro-Gry GT2-GT5 GT5-Gu Gu-Gui Gui-Gul Gum-Gut Gut-GV GV-Gy


  1. Godfrid Kneller ... [graphic] / G. Kneller, p. ; I. Beckett, f. (1)
  2. Godly meditations vpon the most holy sacrament of the Lords Supper. With many things appertaining to the due receiuing of so great a mystery, and to the right disposing our selues vnto the same. Together with an appendix touching the controuersie about the holy eucharist. Also godly meditations concerning the divine presence. By Christopher Sutton, D. in Diuinitie, late one of the prebends of the collegiat church of Westminster. (3)
  3. Godolphin, Sidney Godolphin, Earl of, 1645-1712, signer. (10)
  4. Gods power and providence: shewed, in the miraculous preservation and deliverance of eight Englishmen, left by mischance in Green-land anno 1630. nine moneths and twelve dayes. With a true relation of all their miseries, their shifts and hardship they wer (1)
  5. Godwin, E. W. (Edward William), 1833-1886, artist. (3)
  6. Godwin, Francis, 1562-1633. (13)
  7. Godwin, Morgan, 1602 or 3-1645. (3)
  8. Goeimare, Joos, 1575-1610. (1)
  9. Goerre, Jan, 1670-1731, artist. (1)
  10. Goethe ... [graphic]. (1)
  11. Goethe [graphic] / from a photograph by Fr. Bruckmann of Munich [of a painting by Alonzo Chappel]. (1)
  12. Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832, correspondent. (2)
  13. Goettinger Taschen calender vom Jahr 1785 bey Joh. Chr. Dietrich. (4)
  14. Goffe, Lawrence, active 1593. (2)
  15. Goffe, Thomas, 1591-1629, author. (1)
  16. Goffe, Thomas, 1591-1629. (1)
  17. Gold & Co., publisher. (1)
  18. Gold and blind tooled English binding. (4)
  19. Gold and brown silk tread with a front bead sewn over a tall flat core. (2)
  20. Gold and dark green silk thread with a front bead. (1)