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  1. Herbert, Thomas, Sir, 1606-1682. (81)
  2. Herbert, W., 18th cent., publisher. (1)
  3. Herbert, William, 1718-1795, bound for. (3)
  4. Herbert, William, 1718-1795, former owner. (36)
  5. Herbert, William, 1772-1851. (1)
  6. Herbert, William, Sir, 1507-1570, signer. (184)
  7. Herbornae Nassoviorum : Ex officina typogr. Christophori Corvini, MDCXI [1611] (1)
  8. Herdesianus, Christoph, 1523-1585. (3)
  9. Here after folowith the boke callyd the myrroure of Oure Lady : very necessary for all relygyous persones. (5)
  10. Here beginneth a song of the Lordes Supper. (11)
  11. Here begynneth a lytell treatyse of the dyenge creature. [The dyenge creature] (1)
  12. Here begynneth the prologue or prohemye of the book callid Caton : whiche booke hath ben translated in to Englysshe by Mayster Benet Burgh, late Archedeken of Colchestre and hye chanon of Saint Stephens at Westmestre ... and by cause of late cam to my hand a book of the said Caton in Frensshe, whiche reherceth many a fayr lernynge and notable ensamples, I haue translated it oute of Frensshe in to Englysshe, as al along here after shalle appiere, whiche I presente vnto the cyte of London (4)
  13. Here under lyeth the body of William Savior's, Southwark [graphic]. (1)
  14. Here's to thy health [Hamlet], act V, [sc. II] [graphic] / [William M. Anderson]. (1)
  15. Heredi di Antonio Blado, printer. (3)
  16. Heredi di Francesco Rampazetto, printer. (1)
  17. Heredi di Lucantonio Giunta, printer. (7)
  18. Heredi di Philippo de Giunta, printer. (2)
  19. Heredi di Valerio & Luigi Dorici, printer. (1)
  20. Herefordshire (England). Deputy Lieutenants. (2)