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  1. Holship, Thomas, former owner. (2)
  2. Holst, Imogen, 1907- (1)
  3. Holstocke, William, d. 1589, signer. (8)
  4. Holt, J., former owner. (2)
  5. Holt, T., fl. 1823, publisher. (1)
  6. Holte, Humfrey, goldsmith. (299)
  7. Holtei, Karl von, 1798-1880, author. (3)
  8. Holy oyle for the lampes of the sanctuarie: or, Scripture-phrases alphabetically disposed: for the vse and benefit of such as desire to speake the language of Canaan, more especially the sonnes of the prophets, who would attaine elegancie and sublimity of (2)
  9. Holy rules and helps to devotion both in prayer and practice. In two parts. The fourth edition. Written by the right reverend father in God, Bryan Duppa, late Lord Bishop of Winton, in the time of his sequestration. (1)
  10. Holy-Trinity Church, Stratford-on-Avon [graphic] / A.C. Wyatt. (1)
  11. Holyday, Barten, 1593-1661. (2)
  12. Holywell Music Room. (85)
  13. Holzinger, J. B., former owner. (8)
  14. Homage to Shakespeare 'With wonder great as my content' [realia]/ P.E. Davis (3)
  15. Homage to Shakespeare quilt (1)
  16. Home of Falstaff (Sir John Oldcastle), Cooley [i.e. Cowling] castle, Kent [graphic]. (1)
  17. Homelies sette fourth by the righte reuerende father in God, Edmunde Bishop of London, not onely promised before in his booke, intituled. A necessary doctrine but also now of late adioyned and added therevnto to be reade within his diocesse of London, of all persons, vycars, and curates, vnto their parishioners, vpon sondayes, [and] holydaies. (4)
  18. Homer his Iliads Translated (104)
  19. Homer his Odysses translated... (27)
  20. Homer. (403)