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Hamlet, P-Hamm

  1. Hamlet, Prinds af Denmark (1)
  2. Hamlet, Sarah Bernhardt as [graphic]. (1)
  3. Hamlet, setting derived from the form of an Elizabethan playhouse, the throne room (1)
  4. Hamlet, Still am I called; unhand me, act I sc. IV [graphic] / [Henry] Fuseli, del. ; Joseph Smith, sculpt. (1)
  5. Hamlet, the throne room, detail sketch for gallery structure (1)
  6. Hamlet, the throne room, the Ghost enters (1)
  7. Hamlet, V, 1 : [graphic] Hamlet, Mr. Tree; Horatio, Mr. Arthur Dacre; gravedigger, Mr. George Barrett / F.H. Townsend. (1)
  8. Hamlet, V, 1, 2nd gravedigger: "Who builds stronger than the mason, the shipwright, or the carpenter?" 1st gravedigger: "Ay, tell me that or unyoke," 2nd grave digger: "Away, now I can tell," 1st gra.: "Tn't." 2nd gra.: "Mass, I cannot tell," 1st gra.: "Cudgel thy brains no more about it ..." [graphic] / [Thomas Charles Wageman]. (1)
  9. Hamlet. "Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar?", Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, act V, scene I [graphic] / F.O.C. Darley, 1884. (1)
  10. Hamlet. Act 1 scene 5 (1)
  11. Hamlet. Act IV. Sc VII [graphic] / Richter del. ; Hawkins sc. (1)
  12. Hamlet. Adieu, adieu adieu! Remember me [graphic] / Loutherbourg invt. ; Heath sc. (1)
  13. Hamlet. Costume design for a character. (9)
  14. Hamlet. King, Queen, Laertes, Ophelia &c., act IV, sc. v [graphic] / West, del. ; Starling, sc. (1)
  15. Hamlet. Still am I called - unhand me gentlemen, by heaven, I'll make a ghost of him that lets me [graphic] / [Louis Rhead]. (1)
  16. Hamlet. Three scenes from the play. (1)
  17. Hamlet: "By Heaven, I'll make a ghost of him that lets me! ... I'll follow thee", Hamlet, act I, sc 4 [graphic] / drawn & etched by Robert Dudley. (1)
  18. Hamlet: acte 4, scène 5: Ophelia, le Roi, la Reine, Laertes [graphic] / Deveria et Boulanger del. ; imp. lith. de H. Gaugain. (1)
  19. Hamlet: Alas! Poor Yorick, act V, scene 1 [graphic] / R. Cruikshank, del. ; White, sc. (1)
  20. Hammelmann, Hanns, 1912-1969, former owner. (70)