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  1. Helena, [character in Shakespeare's play,] All's well that ends well [graphic] / J.W. Wright ; B. Eyles. (1)
  2. Helena- All's well that ends well [by Shakespeare] [graphic]. (1)
  3. Helena: Where do the palmer's lodge? [All's well that ends well, act III, sc. 5] [graphic] / H. Singleton del. ; C. Taylor direxit. (1)
  4. Helerd, Mary, former owner. (212)
  5. Heliodorus, of Emesa. (2)
  6. Hell broke loose: or, the notorious design of the wicked Ranters, discovered on Sunday last at Black-Fryers. : Being a true relation of the strange proceedings of Mr. Vaughan, and his wicked proselytes; and their entring of Black-Fryers church in sermon time, like so many spirits from hell, with four damnable papers in the hands, containing such horrible, audacious, and abominable songs, the like not to be parallel’d in former ages. With the manner how this onsolent Ranter traced the streets from Black-Fryers to Saint Paul’s Church-yard, in his Holland shirt, without doublet or breeches, a treble cap, like the Pope’s miter, with silk fring, and white shooes, and stockings. With their damnable plots, and conspiracies against the ministers of the gospel: their examination before the right honourable the Lord Mayor of London; the sad and woful speeched, made by the ringleader of the Ranters, concerning the city magistrates, and golden chains: and the committing of them to Bridewell till the next sessions. (5)
  7. Heller [graphic]. (1)
  8. Hellman, George S. (George Sidney), 1878-1958, former owner. (1)
  9. Hellyer, Thomas, 18th/19th cent., printmaker. (1)
  10. Helps for suddain accidents endangering life. (1)
  11. Helsby, Mary, 17th cent., correspondent. (20)
  12. Helsby, Randolph, 1617-1696, recipient. (20)
  13. Helwig, Christoph, 1581-1617. (1)
  14. Helwys, Gervase, Sir, 1561-1615. (1)
  15. Heminge, John, approximately 1556-1630. (27)
  16. Heminge, John, ca. 1556-1630. (479)
  17. Hemley (England). Court Baron. (2)
  18. Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600. (2)
  19. Hend. Mus. 2: 113e (1)
  20. Hend. Mus. 2:48 (A-D) (1)