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I -I. I.-Ia Ia-Ic Ic-Il Il-Ill Ill-Illu Illu-Im Im-Imp Imp-Impr Impr-Impressu Impressu-Impressum V Impressus a-Impri Impri-Imprinted at London : b Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By I Imprinted at London : by I-Imprinted at London : B Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By Ro Imprinted at London : by T.-Imprinted at London : i Imprinted at London : I-In In-In n In o-In V In V-In w INC -INC L INC L-In In-Ind Ind-Ing Ing-i I-Ink Inl-Inq Ins-Inscribed o inscribed o-inscribed on t Inscribed on t-Inscrip Inscrip-Inscription on Inscription on-Inscription on f Inscription on f-Inscription on l Inscription on l-Inscription on t Inscription on t-Inscription on t.p.: ' Inscription on t.p.: '-Inscription on ti Inscription on ti-Inscriptions Inscriptions-Inscriptions o Inscriptions o-Inscriptions on t inscriptions on t-inscriptions: Inscriptions:-Inscriptions: on t Inscriptions: on t-Inse inse-I I-Inside back cover r inside back cover r-I I-Inside back cover, S Inside back cover, S-Inside back covers Inside back covers-Inside f Inside f-Inside front cover e Inside front cover e-i I-Inside front cover marble paper, Inside front cover marble paper,-Inside front cover marble paper, 18 Inside front cover marble paper, 19-Inside front cover marble paper, 2 Inside front cover marble paper, 2-Inside front cover marble paper, B Inside front cover marble paper, B-Inside front cover marble paper, P Inside front cover marble paper, P-Inside front cover marble paper, PR Inside front cover marble paper, PR-Inside front cover marble paper, S Inside front cover marble paper, S-Inside front cover marble paper, STC 17 Inside front cover marble paper, STC 18-i i-I I-Inside front cover, Inside front cover,-Inside front cover, N Inside front cover, N-Inside front cover, P Inside front cover, s-Inside front cover, S Inside front cover, S-i I-Inside front cover, W Inside front cover, W-Inside front covers Inside front covers-Inside o Inside p-Inst Inst-Int Int-Interlace bindings -- S Interlace bindings -- U-Inv Inv-Io Io-Ir Ir-Ireland Ireland-Irv Irv-Is Is-It It-Iu Iu-Iy


  1. Isabelle [from Ariosto's Orlando furioso; beauty portrait in the guise of literature]] (1)
  2. Isabey, Jean-Baptiste, 1767-1855, artist. (1)
  3. Isham, Zaccheus, active 17th century. (10)
  4. Isidore, of Pelusium, Saint, 5th cent. (10)
  5. Isidore, of Seville, Saint, d. 636. (1)
  6. Isingrin, M. (Michael), 1500-1557, printer. (21)
  7. Islamic (5)
  8. Isocrates. (4)
  9. Isolde [Mrs. Patrick Campbell] [graphic] / [Aubrey Vincent Beardsley]. (1)
  10. Isole famose porti ... (1)
  11. Isole famose porti, fortezze, e terre maritime sottoposte alla Sig.ria di Venetia ad altri principi Christiani, et al Sig. or Turco, nouame[n]te poste in luce. (8)
  12. Issac [sic] Sparks [as Lord Chief Joker] [graphic]. (1)
  13. Issac Reed - Richard Heber copy; Britwell Court shelfmark, '9.A.34'; Britwell sale, 31 January 1921:pt.2,272; collated by Max Privett at Quaritch, 11/2/21; Harmsworth copy. (2)
  14. Istoria e dimostrazioni intorno alle macchie solari e loro accidenti, comprese in tre lettere scritte all'illustrissimo signor Marco Velseri... Si aggiungono nel fine le Lettere, e disquisizioni del finto Apelle [pseud.] (5)
  15. It was a lover and his lass [graphic] : As you like it, act V, sc. 3 / M. Evans, sc. (1)
  16. It was a tyme when sillie bees could speak (2)
  17. It were too much for Lara to pass by ... [Byron's] Lara ... [graphic] / A. Colin inv. ; Reveil sc. (1)
  18. Italian 15th century sheepskin binding (3)
  19. Italian goatskin binding. (3)
  20. Italian Opera House, Haymarket, from Pall Mall East [graphic] / drawn by Thos. H. Shepherd ; engraved by M. Fox. (1)