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I -I. I.-Ia Ia-Ic Ic-Il Il-Ill Ill-Illu Illu-Im Im-Imp Imp-Impr Impr-Impressu Impressu-Impressum V Impressus a-Impri Impri-Imprinted at London : b Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By I Imprinted at London : by I-Imprinted at London : B Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By Ro Imprinted at London : by T.-Imprinted at London : i Imprinted at London : I-In In-In n In o-In V In V-In w INC -INC L INC L-In In-Ind Ind-Ing Ing-i I-Ink Inl-Inq Ins-Inscribed o inscribed o-inscribed on t Inscribed on t-Inscrip Inscrip-Inscription on Inscription on-Inscription on f Inscription on f-Inscription on l Inscription on l-Inscription on t Inscription on t-Inscription on t.p.: ' Inscription on t.p.: '-Inscription on ti Inscription on ti-Inscriptions Inscriptions-Inscriptions o Inscriptions o-Inscriptions on t inscriptions on t-inscriptions: Inscriptions:-Inscriptions: on t Inscriptions: on t-Inse inse-I I-Inside back cover r inside back cover r-I I-Inside back cover, S Inside back cover, S-Inside back covers Inside back covers-Inside f Inside f-Inside front cover e Inside front cover e-i I-Inside front cover marble paper, Inside front cover marble paper,-Inside front cover marble paper, 18 Inside front cover marble paper, 19-Inside front cover marble paper, 2 Inside front cover marble paper, 2-Inside front cover marble paper, B Inside front cover marble paper, B-Inside front cover marble paper, P Inside front cover marble paper, P-Inside front cover marble paper, PR Inside front cover marble paper, PR-Inside front cover marble paper, S Inside front cover marble paper, S-Inside front cover marble paper, STC 17 Inside front cover marble paper, STC 18-i i-I I-Inside front cover, Inside front cover,-Inside front cover, N Inside front cover, N-Inside front cover, P Inside front cover, s-Inside front cover, S Inside front cover, S-i I-Inside front cover, W Inside front cover, W-Inside front covers Inside front covers-Inside o Inside p-Inst Inst-Int Int-Interlace bindings -- S Interlace bindings -- U-Inv Inv-Io Io-Ir Ir-Ireland Ireland-Irv Irv-Is Is-It It-Iu Iu-Iy

In o-In V

  1. In omnes apostolicas epistolas ... commentarii ... (3)
  2. In Omnes M. T. Ciceronis Epistolas, Qvae Familiares... by M T Cicero . In Omnes M. T. Ciceronis Epistolas, Qvae Familiares appellantur, Doctissimorum uirorum Annotationes, nempe Sebastiani Corradi Bernardini Rutilij Philippi Melanchthonis Petri Victorij, Et aliorum, quorum Catalogum proxima statim à præfatione pagina reperies. Vna cum rerum [et] uerborum diligentißimo Indice. (3)
  3. In Pesaro : Appresso Aloisio Giglio, MDLXXIIII [1574] (2)
  4. In Philippum Mornarum (2)
  5. In Roma : Per Gio. Battista Molo, 1695. (2)
  6. In the center of the covers is a small gilt coat of arms of Jacques Chassebras de Cramailles, interesting because the lower part of the shield is hatched to indicate purpure, and is an early instance of use of the Petra Sancta system. (2)
  7. In the front is a fragment of a single flyleaf with loose guard (a new flyleaf has been added). At the back there is a double flyleaf reinforced with printers waste (a proclamation from Queen Elizabeth's reign concerning rules for making of cloth). (3)
  8. In the front there are four blank flyleaves and separate pastedown. The back has eight blank leaves sewn as a section, one used as paste-down leaving seven flyleaves, several used for manuscript commentary. (4)
  9. In the front there is a four leaf blank flyleaf section with a separate two leaf section, one of which is used as a paste-down. At the back is a six leaf blank endpaper with one leaf used as the paste-down. (2)
  10. In the front, there is a fragment of a recycled vellum manuscript flyleaf guard and a recycled printer's waste pastedown. In the back, there is a recycled printer's waste flyleaf and pastedown, with evidence of a vellum reinforcing guard. (6)
  11. In the Island of Ivica ... Tempest, act 3, scene 1 [graphic] / drawn by G.F. Sargent ; engraved by John Woods. (1)
  12. in the year 1684. (4)
  13. in the year of our Lord, MDCLXV. [1665] (4)
  14. in the year, 1663. (3)
  15. in the year, M.DCC. [1700] (3)
  16. In the yere of oure Lorde. M.CCCCC. [and]. XXX. [1530] (1)
  17. In this boke is conteined ye names of the baylyfs custose mayers and sherefs of ye cyte of london from the tyme of kynge Richard the fyrst ... (17)
  18. In this booke is conteyned the names of ye baylifs custos mairs and sherefs of the cite of londo[n] from the tyme of king richard the furst. ... (4)
  19. In Torino, 1667, per B. Zavatta. (1)
  20. In Venetia : Appresso Christoforo Zanetti, 1573. (1)