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I -I. I.-Ia Ia-Ic Ic-Il Il-Ill Ill-Illu Illu-Im Im-Imp Imp-Impr Impr-Impressu Impressu-Impressum V Impressus a-Impri Impri-Imprinted at London : b Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By I Imprinted at London : by I-Imprinted at London : B Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By Ro Imprinted at London : by T.-Imprinted at London : i Imprinted at London : I-In In-In n In o-In V In V-In w INC -INC L INC L-In In-Ind Ind-Ing Ing-i I-Ink Inl-Inq Ins-Inscribed o inscribed o-inscribed on t Inscribed on t-Inscrip Inscrip-Inscription on Inscription on-Inscription on f Inscription on f-Inscription on l Inscription on l-Inscription on t Inscription on t-Inscription on t.p.: ' Inscription on t.p.: '-Inscription on ti Inscription on ti-Inscriptions Inscriptions-Inscriptions o Inscriptions o-Inscriptions on t inscriptions on t-inscriptions: Inscriptions:-Inscriptions: on t Inscriptions: on t-Inse inse-I I-Inside back cover r inside back cover r-I I-Inside back cover, S Inside back cover, S-Inside back covers Inside back covers-Inside f Inside f-Inside front cover e Inside front cover e-i I-Inside front cover marble paper, Inside front cover marble paper,-Inside front cover marble paper, 18 Inside front cover marble paper, 19-Inside front cover marble paper, 2 Inside front cover marble paper, 2-Inside front cover marble paper, B Inside front cover marble paper, B-Inside front cover marble paper, P Inside front cover marble paper, P-Inside front cover marble paper, PR Inside front cover marble paper, PR-Inside front cover marble paper, S Inside front cover marble paper, S-Inside front cover marble paper, STC 17 Inside front cover marble paper, STC 18-i i-I I-Inside front cover, Inside front cover,-Inside front cover, N Inside front cover, N-Inside front cover, P Inside front cover, s-Inside front cover, S Inside front cover, S-i I-Inside front cover, W Inside front cover, W-Inside front covers Inside front covers-Inside o Inside p-Inst Inst-Int Int-Interlace bindings -- S Interlace bindings -- U-Inv Inv-Io Io-Ir Ir-Ireland Ireland-Irv Irv-Is Is-It It-Iu Iu-Iy

Ins-Inscribed o

  1. Inscribed "A Mon Ami Monsieur Arthur Meyer" by the artist (possibly to Arthur Meyer, 1844-1924, French journalist and politician, who collected books adorned with drawings); purchased by H. C. Folger in 1924 from Maggs Bros., London. (1)
  2. inscribed "Buckingham" and "Thomas Wentworth"; bookplate of William Charles De Meuron. Earl Fitzwilliam (2)
  3. Inscribed "E. St. John"; bookplate of Henry St. John; acquired from Hodges (6/18/54), 6/24/54. (2)
  4. Inscribed inside the upper board: "William Berners" and "Thomas Berners Cavallero Muy honorado"; "Willm Mylles," signature on title page; Henry Yelverton, first Viscount de Longueville (1664-1704), the initials "HL- below a coronet are blocked on both covers; purchased in 1952 from Gibbs, Manchester. (2)
  5. inscribed name (trimmed) and monogram (?), E8r; armorial bookplate of Thos. [Thomas] Gaisford (1779-1855); Sotheby?s, 23 July 1923, no. 173; collated by E. Talbot at Quaritch, 24 July 1923 (notes on back paste-down); Harmsworth copy (2)
  6. Inscribed on 3P4r: "Mary fforster her Booke"; on 4L3v: "Mr. Reay Clawson"; bookplate of St. Andrew Ward Esqre., Hooton Pagnell; Folger purchase from Castle Bookshop, 25 July 1961. (3)
  7. inscribed on [par.]3r by [Charles] Killigrew (1655-1725); inscribed on last page: John Peake ejus liber Ann?: Domine? 1673: hic liber est meus [etc.]; armorial bookplate of Alexander Nelson Hood, 1st Viscount Bridport (1814-1904; motto: Tria juncta in uno); bookplate of E.M. Cox (motto: Quousque tandem); bookplate of Alfred Trapnell; circular leather label on front free endpaper: 2078; Pickering, August 1920, no. 3319; Harmsworth copy (1870-1937) (3)
  8. Inscribed on A5v: John Bales 1622 Aprill 3; Britwell Court - Harmsworth copy. (1)
  9. inscribed on A8v: "Robt [Robert] [?]"; inscribed on 2D1v: "John [?]"; 1903 Folger purchase from James Tregaskis, cat. 540, lot 446 (1)
  10. Inscribed on b6r: "Ph: Mainwaringe pre: 2s [6?]d"; inscribed on front free endpaper: "[?] Jackson"; Puttick sale, Dec. 12, 1923, lot 328; collated at Quaritch by E. Talbot; Harmsworth copy. (4)
  11. Inscribed on back fly-leaf: "John Paget"; "Thomas [?]"; collated at Quaritch by E. Talbot; Harmsworth copy. (4)
  12. Inscribed on back free endpaper: "... E. Ferrall 1709 [?]"; and on the verso of the marble paper flyleaf: "Ex libris Dermot Earl of Mayo, 1888"; Folger purchase from R.T. Howey, 1 November 1960. (3)
  13. inscribed on first front free endpaper: Walker; on t.p.: E J (?) 1796; Britwell Court - Harmsworth copy (3)
  14. Inscribed on front fly-leaf: "For / Mrs. Mary Paine"; "Luc Imber (?)". (4)
  15. inscribed on front fly-leaf: "From Makellar library" (i.e. William Mekellar copy); armorial bookplate of Michael Tomkinson (motto "sperens pergo"); collated at Quaritch by E. Talbot, 1922; Harmsworth copy (2)
  16. inscribed on front free endpaper: "Elizabeth Egertone"; "G (?) Maisterson"; inscribed on A1v: "Eliyaner Maisterson"; bookplate of the Huth Library (motto "animus non res"); [Lot] 7517 in the Huth sale; collated at Quaritch by F.S. Ferguson, 1919; Harmsworth copy (2)
  17. Inscribed on front free endpaper: "From lot 2044 in J. E. [i.e. John Eglington] Bailey's Sale June 1889"; Sotheby's sale, Dec. 20, 1927, lot 467; collated at Quaritch by E.M. Dring; Harmsworth copy (1)
  18. Inscribed on front free endpaper: "J. [James] R. [Robert] Hope from Frederic Rogers. March. 1844."; collated at Quaritch by E. Talbot; Harmsworth copy. (2)
  19. inscribed on front free endpaper: "Lord ffauconberg his booke 1677"; inscribed on t.p.: Tho: Belasyse 1652, John Marshall and Ric. Hen. Beaumont 1780; Belasyse family - R.H. Beaumont - Sir Mark M. Sykes - Britwell Court - Harmsworth copy (1)
  20. Inscribed on front free endpaper: "Quod [?] esse nihi / Carolus [Charles] Crompton"; engraved armorial dated (1707) bookplate of Sir Thomas Hanmer of Hanmer; engraved armorial bookplate of Henry Edward Bunbury (motto "Esse quam videri"). (3)