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I -I. I.-Ia Ia-Ic Ic-Il Il-Ill Ill-Illu Illu-Im Im-Imp Imp-Impr Impr-Impressu Impressu-Impressum V Impressus a-Impri Impri-Imprinted at London : b Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By I Imprinted at London : by I-Imprinted at London : B Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By Ro Imprinted at London : by T.-Imprinted at London : i Imprinted at London : I-In In-In n In o-In V In V-In w INC -INC L INC L-In In-Ind Ind-Ing Ing-i I-Ink Inl-Inq Ins-Inscribed o inscribed o-inscribed on t Inscribed on t-Inscrip Inscrip-Inscription on Inscription on-Inscription on f Inscription on f-Inscription on l Inscription on l-Inscription on t Inscription on t-Inscription on t.p.: ' Inscription on t.p.: '-Inscription on ti Inscription on ti-Inscriptions Inscriptions-Inscriptions o Inscriptions o-Inscriptions on t inscriptions on t-inscriptions: Inscriptions:-Inscriptions: on t Inscriptions: on t-Inse inse-I I-Inside back cover r inside back cover r-I I-Inside back cover, S Inside back cover, S-Inside back covers Inside back covers-Inside f Inside f-Inside front cover e Inside front cover e-i I-Inside front cover marble paper, Inside front cover marble paper,-Inside front cover marble paper, 18 Inside front cover marble paper, 19-Inside front cover marble paper, 2 Inside front cover marble paper, 2-Inside front cover marble paper, B Inside front cover marble paper, B-Inside front cover marble paper, P Inside front cover marble paper, P-Inside front cover marble paper, PR Inside front cover marble paper, PR-Inside front cover marble paper, S Inside front cover marble paper, S-Inside front cover marble paper, STC 17 Inside front cover marble paper, STC 18-i i-I I-Inside front cover, Inside front cover,-Inside front cover, N Inside front cover, N-Inside front cover, P Inside front cover, s-Inside front cover, S Inside front cover, S-i I-Inside front cover, W Inside front cover, W-Inside front covers Inside front covers-Inside o Inside p-Inst Inst-Int Int-Interlace bindings -- S Interlace bindings -- U-Inv Inv-Io Io-Ir Ir-Ireland Ireland-Irv Irv-Is Is-It It-Iu Iu-Iy

Inscription on-Inscription on f

  1. Inscription on back free end-paper: "Jhon murray"; armorial bookplate of John [Manners], Duke of Rutland (motto "pour parvener"); Britwell Court (pencilled shelf-mark "8. D. 10."); Britwell sale, May 1920, lot 341; collated at Quaritch by E. Talbot, 26 May 1920; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  2. inscription on back paste-down (1)
  3. inscription on D3r: "Thomas [Ghellken ?] Toullstoun [Toulston ?]"; inscription on V1v: "Ego sum ex Libris Cornicula Formosæ [Formosa] Philo - Tritis"; inscription on V2r: "William Northall his book"; pencilled note on front free end-paper: "B.J. 1801"; Hodgson's sale, 18 Dec. 1928, lot 445; collated at Quaritch, 27 Dec. 1928; Harmsworth copy (3)
  4. inscription on each t.p.: "Convers Darcy."; armorial bookplate of Robert Smith (motto "suaviter in modo fortiter in re"); bought by Folger from Leighton, 1 Oct. 1917 (3)
  5. Inscription on fore-edge "Arist. De Animalibus", reading from head to tail. (2)
  6. Inscription on fore-edge "I Anthonini sũ: i: pars" reading from front to back cover. (3)
  7. Inscription on fore-edge "Sum̃a angelica", reading from head to tail. (3)
  8. Inscription on fore-edge, partially illegible, reading from front to back cover "Op[er]a Vergil[?]". (6)
  9. Inscription on fore-edge: "Postilla Alb: Magni." (2)
  10. Inscription on fore-edge: "Rosaîus" (2)
  11. Inscription on front and back endpapers: 'Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett her booke.'; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  12. Inscription on front cover reading (upside down): "S.[?] Fri. Io[...?]ni Maria Mirondulensis[?] ordinis Heremitarum sa[n]cti ag[osti]ni"; bookplate with coat of arms "Mag: Angelus Thomas Baronius Fabrian[ens]is Augustinianus Regens"; another inscription at head of leaf a1r: "S. Aurelio Ag[osti]no [ ...?]"; armorial stamp of Giuseppe Martini on leaf a1r, repeated in colophon and verso of last leaf (not in the Hoepli auction catalogues of his library, 1934-1935); purchased in 1916. (5)
  13. Inscription on front endpaper: "R. C. Dublin 1884"; Harmsworth copy. (3)
  14. Inscription on front endpaper: 'Mary Vaughan her Book 1744'; possibly James I - Harmsworth copy. (2)
  15. inscription on front fly-leaf of collected volume: "J.G. Jones ..."; Sir John Gielgud copy; gift of Dr. Gail Kern Paster. (2)
  16. Inscription on front fly-leaf: "E Librj Nicolas [Potham?] ... 1706 Ex dono di ... Jacobi [James] Bedingfield alias De grey"; purchased by Folger from H.A. Hammelmann, 25 April 1957. (2)
  17. Inscription on front fly-leaf: "ex dono Jacob: Southeby Armige. 1722"; armorial bookplate of I. Mansel (motto "quod vult valde vult"); Sotheby sale 25 May 1905:437. (2)
  18. inscription on front fly-leaf: "Henry Lucas Bean"; F.H. Purchase copy (cf. Folger card file); bought at Sotheby's, 1 June 1927:785; collated at Quaritch; Harmsworth copy (4)
  19. Inscription on front fly-leaf: "N. [Nathaniel] Thornbury Bourne House"; armorial bookplate of Barton Bouchier (motto "non vi sed voluntate"). (1)
  20. Inscription on front fly-leaf: '459 Pembroke sale March 1920'; Pembroke library - Harmsworth copy. (1)