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I -I. I.-Ia Ia-Ic Ic-Il Il-Ill Ill-Illu Illu-Im Im-Imp Imp-Impr Impr-Impressu Impressu-Impressum V Impressus a-Impri Impri-Imprinted at London : b Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By I Imprinted at London : by I-Imprinted at London : B Imprinted at London : B-Imprinted at London : By Ro Imprinted at London : by T.-Imprinted at London : i Imprinted at London : I-In In-In n In o-In V In V-In w INC -INC L INC L-In In-Ind Ind-Ing Ing-i I-Ink Inl-Inq Ins-Inscribed o inscribed o-inscribed on t Inscribed on t-Inscrip Inscrip-Inscription on Inscription on-Inscription on f Inscription on f-Inscription on l Inscription on l-Inscription on t Inscription on t-Inscription on t.p.: ' Inscription on t.p.: '-Inscription on ti Inscription on ti-Inscriptions Inscriptions-Inscriptions o Inscriptions o-Inscriptions on t inscriptions on t-inscriptions: Inscriptions:-Inscriptions: on t Inscriptions: on t-Inse inse-I I-Inside back cover r inside back cover r-I I-Inside back cover, S Inside back cover, S-Inside back covers Inside back covers-Inside f Inside f-Inside front cover e Inside front cover e-i I-Inside front cover marble paper, Inside front cover marble paper,-Inside front cover marble paper, 18 Inside front cover marble paper, 19-Inside front cover marble paper, 2 Inside front cover marble paper, 2-Inside front cover marble paper, B Inside front cover marble paper, B-Inside front cover marble paper, P Inside front cover marble paper, P-Inside front cover marble paper, PR Inside front cover marble paper, PR-Inside front cover marble paper, S Inside front cover marble paper, S-Inside front cover marble paper, STC 17 Inside front cover marble paper, STC 18-i i-I I-Inside front cover, Inside front cover,-Inside front cover, N Inside front cover, N-Inside front cover, P Inside front cover, s-Inside front cover, S Inside front cover, S-i I-Inside front cover, W Inside front cover, W-Inside front covers Inside front covers-Inside o Inside p-Inst Inst-Int Int-Interlace bindings -- S Interlace bindings -- U-Inv Inv-Io Io-Ir Ir-Ireland Ireland-Irv Irv-Is Is-It It-Iu Iu-Iy

Inscriptions:-Inscriptions: on t

  1. Inscriptions: on back paste-down: 'William Brereton. 1613' and on front free endpaper: 'Jo: Crewe de Utkinton 1660'; bookplate of E.M. Cox (motto 'quousque tandem'); Harmsworth copy. (3)
  2. Inscriptions: on front endpaper: "Geo: Wilmer"; on front fly-leaf: 'R. W'; on t.p.: 'Will: Gossip 1744'; on back fly-leaf of Randall Wilmer; Harmsworth copy. (2)
  3. inscriptions: on front endpaper: 'Thomas Fermer' or 'Hermer'; on printed waste at back: 'Frauncis Willoughby' and 'Elizabeth Willoughby'; Harmsworth copy (2)
  4. Inscriptions: on front endpaper: 'Thomas Fermer' or 'Hermer'; on printed waste at back: 'Frauncis Willoughby' and 'Elizabeth Willoughby'; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  5. Inscriptions: on front fly-leaf and elsewhere in volume: 'Thomas Walter'; on A2r and back fly-leaf: 'Andrew Beech' (?); on front fly-leaf: 'The Gift of Miss Emily Tait to Marg[are]t Cotton Jan'y 27th 1833'; unidentified armorial bookplate (motto: 'pro viribus summis contendo'); inscriptions on back fly-leaf: 'Lot 15 Sotheby's 23-3-36' and pencilled Quaritch note; bookplate of Broxbourne Library: 'Bibliotheca Broxbourniana...17 March 1949'. (2)
  6. Inscriptions: on front fly-leaf: 'Hanah Bishop Her Book'; 'J. Heskins' and '6 April 1907 Edward Barnes' (?); on sig. I2r: 'Marie Cotes'; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  7. inscriptions: on front fly-leaf: 'Rimington (?) Wilson...1849 Edinburgh'; on A2r a name is scratched out; and written at end of 5Z3v is the date January 1662'; pasted inside front cover are: printed label numbered '1534'; and bookseller's description of a copy of this (numbered '484'); bookplates of Sir Wm Augustus Cunynghame of Livingstone, Bart. (motto 'over fork over'); Col. R. R. W. Ellis; and W. T. Smedley (1)
  8. Inscriptions: on front fly-leaf: 'sum e libris Francisci Scot ex dono...Magti. Meade'; on back fly-leaf: 'Lot 325 Hodgson's 5-xii-30' and pencilled Quaritch note; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  9. Inscriptions: on front fly-leaf: 'W. Maskell'; and note initialed 'I.I.' [John Inglis ?]; bookplates of George Chalmers; and William Maskell; inscription: on title page: 'Grahame' [?]; Sotheby sale of books from the library of the late John Inglis, Lord Justice-General of Scotland, 31 Jan. 1922:313; pencilled Quaritch note dated 27.11.1922; Harmsworth copy. (2)
  10. Inscriptions: on front fly-leaf: 'Wm Herbert April, 1773'; on t.p.: citation to Ames and 'Byrd'; on sig. a2r: 'John Westwood'; bookplates: George Chalmers ((motto "Spero") and unidentified bookplate with monogram; Britwell Court shelfmark, '4.B.7'; Britwell sale, 31 January 1921:pt 2,215; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  11. Inscriptions: on front fly-leaves: 'deare sister franke booke who died the xxiiii of december 1662...this was my sons (?) with Bookes' and 'Mary Wilson her Booke November 8 1688'; bookplate of Sir Joseph Copley. (1)
  12. Inscriptions: on front fly-leaves: 'Nightingale Archer Her Booke Given By my Godmother mis Haselwood'; 'Nightingale Longeville Her Booke Given by Her ant archer'; Britwell Court shelfmark, '3.B.3.'; Britwell sale, 31 January 1921:pt.2,261; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  13. Inscriptions: on front free endpaper: "Wm. Pender Roberts, Eggesford" and on front fly-leaf: "M. B. S."; bookseller's label from High Street Exeter, with name on top line worn away; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  14. Inscriptions: on front free endpaper: 'C+P W. H. C-M'; 'Pyne Sale at Sotheby's 8 Aug. 1881'; and Britwell Court shelfmark '3.F.8.'; on back paste-down: 'Part of 1068 Britwell 1/4/27'; and pencilled Quaritch note dated 3/5/27; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  15. inscriptions: on front free endpaper: 'C. + P. 18 Aug 1870' [?]; and pencilled Quaritch note on back paste-down; Britwell Court - Harmsworth copy (2)
  16. Inscriptions: on front free endpaper: 'This Booke Pertaines to me. William Meldrum; goten from Ernest Ramsay. December ye 17 anno Dominj 1661'; on front fly-leaf: 'Wilhelme Meldru[m] is the proper owner of this booke Breslau den 7 Junii 1662'; on t.p.: 'P. Schul[tz?] 1700: Bre[slau?]'; on sig. pi1v: 'Wm Herbert 1709'; on front paste-down: 'SH.'; Britwell Court shelfmark, '5.D.1'; and on back fly-leaf: 'Sotheby's Britwell 1927 Lot 258'; armorial bookplate of George Chalmers (motto 'spero'); Harmsworth copy. (1)
  17. Inscriptions: on sig. a1r: 'Grafton' and on sig. (A)2v: 'John Cookson'. (3)
  18. Inscriptions: on slip pasted to front fly-leaf: 'Farmer sale no. 6856 bought by Bindley' and 'Bindley Sale-Pt. IV Aug 1820' [Richard Farmer - James Bindley copy]; on front free endpaper: 'From Heber IV' [Richard Heber]; Britwell Court shelfmark, '30.F.6.'; Britwell sale, February 1922:378; Harmsworth copy. (4)
  19. Inscriptions: on t.p. of first item in binding: 'Barbara Golde'; and on fragment of proclamation at back: 'R. Brown'; and 'R. Barker'; armorial bookplate of George Rose (motto 'constant and true'); Harmsworth copy. (3)
  20. Inscriptions: on t.p. of first item in binding: 'E. Bonett'; on back paste-down: 'Lot 646 Sotheby's 15-12-27' and pencilled Quaritch note; Sir Thomas E.M.S. Pilkington - Harmsworth copy. (4)