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  1. Jesuit College (Lucerne, Switzerland), former owner.; Colt, Armida Maria-Theresa, former owner.; Colt, Harris Dunscombe, former owner. (2)
  2. Jesuit College in Trier, inscription on title page; purchased from Maggs Bros. Ltd. in 1957. (3)
  3. Jesuit College, Paris; Britwell Court sale, 5 May 1920:127; collated at Quaritch by Max Privett 15 May 1920; Harmsworth copy. (3)
  4. Jesus and the resurrection justified by witnesses in heaven and in earth. In two parts. … (2)
  5. Jesus is God: or, The deity of Jesus Christ vindicated. Being an abstract of some sermons preach'd in the parish-church of St. James Clerkenwell, by D. Pead. (2)
  6. Jesus, Maria, Joseph, or, The devout pilgrim, of the ever blessed Virgin Mary, in his holy exercises, affections, and elevations. Upon the sacred mysteries of Jesus, Maria, Joseph. Published for the benefit of the pious rosarists, by A.C. and T.V. religious monks of the holy order of S. Bennet. (1)
  7. Jevons, Sam, former owner. (1)
  8. Jewel, John, 1522-1571. (17)
  9. Jewelled bindings -- England -- 20th century. (1)
  10. Jewelled bindings -- United States -- 20th century. (1)
  11. Jewelry set made of wood from Hearne's oak- out of box, on light table (1)
  12. Jewish hypocrisie, a caveat to the present generation. (1)
  13. Jewitt, Llewellynn Frederick William, 1816-1886, former owner. (2)
  14. JHS rondel stamp (detail), INC H190 c.2. (1)
  15. Jn. B. Buckstone, the author of Victorine [graphic]. (1)
  16. Jo. Barclaius, natus 28 Ianuary 1582, obijt 12 Aprilis 1621 [graphic]. (1)
  17. Joan of Arc [fighting the English, scene from] King Henry 6, part 1, act 1, sc. 5 [graphic] / Edward Corbould ; H. Cook. (1)
  18. Joan of Arc and Charles ... Advance our waving colours on the walls ... Henry VI, pt. I, act I, scene vi [graphic] / H.C. Selous, pinxt. ; G.C. Finden, sculpt. (1)
  19. Joan of Arc declaring her mission [King Henry VI, part 1, act I, scene 2] [graphic] / J. Opie, R.A. ; J. Rogers. (1)
  20. Joan of Arc in prison: King Henry the Sixth [part I, act V, scene 4 [graphic] / Painted by Delaroche ; engraved by J. Rogers. (1)