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  1. Joseph Juste Scaliger. (3)
  2. Joseph Leathley's Binder. (4)
  3. Joseph Nolekens, esq. R.A. from an original picture by F. Abbot, in his own possession... [graphic] / drawn by W. Evans ; engraved by J. Vendramini. (1)
  4. Joseph Papp presents (1)
  5. Joseph Quincy Adams memorial studies, ed. by James G. McManaway, Giles E. Dawson [and] Edwin E. Willoughby. (1)
  6. Joseph Reed, dramatic writer, Nat. A.D. 1723 Ob. A.D. 1787 [graphic] / engd. by H.R. Cook. (1)
  7. Joseph, George Francis, 1764-1846, artist. (4)
  8. Josephi Carpani E Soc. Jesu Tragoediae Sex Lusitaniae, Et Algarbiorum Regi Joanni V. Dicatae. (2)
  9. Josephine Ludwig [graphic] / Fredricks. (1)
  10. Josephus, Flavius. (3)
  11. Josey, Richard, ca. 1841-1906, artist. (1)
  12. Joshua CHILDREY; Pierre BRIOT. (2)
  13. Joshua redivivus, or Mr Rutherfoord's letters : divided into two parts. The first, containing these which were written from Aberdeen, where he was confined by a sentence of the High Commission, drawn forth against him, partly upon the account of his declining them, partly upon the account of his non-conformitie. The second, containing, some which were written from Anwoth, before he was by the prelats persecution thrust from his ministery; & others upon diverse occasions afterward, from St Andrews, London, &c. Now published, for the use of all the people of God, but more particularly, for these [sic] who now are, or afterward may be put to suffering for Christ & his cause; by a wellwisher to the work, & people of God. (4)
  14. Josi, Christian, d. 1828, artist. (1)
  15. Josie Knapp [graphic]. (1)
  16. Josua, Richard. Certificate. To commissioners for recusants of Surrey, West Horsley. (2)
  17. Jouenneaux, Guy, -1507. (3)
  18. Jouenneaux, Guy, d. 1507. (5)
  19. Jourdain, Silvester, d. 1650. (3)
  20. Journal (1)