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M -M. M.-M.a M.a-M.b M.b-M.D M.D-M1 M1-M2 M2-M9 M9-Ma Ma-Macbeth a Macbeth a-Macbeth, Macbeth,-Macbeth, act I Macbeth, act I-Macbeth, V Macbeth, W-Macd Macd-Mack Mack-Macl Macl-Macr Macr-Mad Mad-Made Made-Mag Mag-Mai Mai-Mal Mal-Malv Malv-Man Man-Mann Mann-Mant Mant-Manu Manu-Manuscript t Manuscript v-Manuscript w Manuscript w-Manz Mañ-MA Ma-Mar Mar-Marbled Marbled-Marbled p Marbled p-Marbled papers -- N Marbled papers -- N-m M-Marc Marc-March' March,-Marco Marco-Marg Marg-Mari Mari-Marie Marie-Mark Mark-Marm Marn-Marr Marr-Mars Mars-Mart Mart-Martin Martin-Martini Martini-Mary Mary-Mary, Mary,-Mas Mas-Mass Mass-Mast Mata-Matt Matt-Mau Mau-Maw Max-May May-May, May,-Mayo Maza-Mc Mc-McQ McR-MD MD-Md MD-Me Me-Meas Meas-Measure for measure, Y Measure for measure. H-Med Med-Medl Medw-Mel Mel-Mem Mem-Memor Memor-Memoranda on Memoranda re-Memorandu Memorandu-Memorandum of s Memorandum of s-Memorandum r Memorandum r-Men Men-Mer Mer-Merchant of Venice, Merchant of Venice,-Merchant of Venice, V Merchant of Venice, V-Mercu Mercu-Merl Merl-Merr Merr-Merry wives of Windsor, Merry wives of Windsor,-Merry wives of Windsor, act I Merry wives of Windsor, act I-Merry wives of Windsor, M Merry wives of Windsor, M-Met Met-Mey Mey-Mé Mé-Mi mi-M M-Mid 16th century G Mid 16th century G-Mid 16th century I Mid 16th century I-Mid 16th century S Mid 16th century S-Mid 17 Mid 17-Mid 17th century English b Mid 17th century English b-Mid 17th century English g Mid 17th century English g-Mid 17th century English v Mid 17th century English w-Mid 17th century G Mid 17th century G-Mid 18 Mid 18-m M-Mid 18th century I Mid 18th century I-Mid 19 mid 19-M M-Mid 19th century F Mid 19th century F-Midd Midd-Mids Mids-Midsummer night's dream, Midsummer night's dream,-Midw Mier-Mil Mil-Mill Mill-Milt Milt-Mir Mir-Mis Mis-Miscellany Miscellany-Miss Miss-Miss C Miss C-Miss E Miss E-Miss El Miss El-Miss F Miss F-Miss G Miss G-Miss K Miss K-Miss M Miss M-Miss N Miss N-Miss R Miss R-Miss T Miss V-m M-Missing, Missing,-Ml Ml-Mo Mo-Moh Moi-Mon Mon-Mono Mono-Mont Mont-Monu Monu-Moo Moo-Mor Mor-More, S More, S-More, Sir George More, Sir George-More, Sir W More, Sir W-More, Sir William. L More, Sir William. L-More, Sir William. N More, Sir William. N-More, Sir William. T More, Sir William. V-Morf Morg-Morl Morl-Morr Morr-Mort Mort-Mos Mos-m M-Moz Mr -Mr. Mr.-Mr. B Mr. B-Mr. Be Mr. Be-Mr. Bo Mr. Bo-Mr. C Mr. C-Mr. Ch Mr. Ch-Mr. Che Mr. Cla-Mr. Co Mr. Co-Mr. D Mr. D-Mr. E Mr. E-Mr. El Mr. Em-Mr. F Mr. F-Mr. G Mr. G-Mr. Ga Mr. Ga-Mr. Garrick i Mr. Garrick i-Mr. Ge Mr. Gi-Mr. H Mr. H-Mr. He Mr. He-Mr. Ho Mr. Ho-Mr. J Mr. J-Mr. Ja Mr. Ja-Mr. Jo Mr. Jo-Mr. K Mr. K-Mr. Kean as R Mr. Kean as R-Mr. Kem Mr. Kem-Mr. Ki Mr. Ki-Mr. L Mr. L-Mr. M Mr. M-Mr. Macr Mr. Macr-Mr. Mar Mr. Mat-Mr. Mo Mr. Mo-Mr. P Mr. P-Mr. Po Mr. Po-Mr. R Mr. R-Mr. S Mr. S-Mr. T Mr. T-Mr. W Mr. W-Mr. We Mr. Wh-Mr. Wi Mr. Wi-Mr. Wr Mr. Wr-Mrs Mrs-Mrs. B Mrs. B-Mrs. C Mrs. D-Mrs. F Mrs. F-Mrs. G Mrs. G-Mrs. H Mrs. H-Mrs. J Mrs. J-Mrs. L Mrs. L-Mrs. M Mrs. O-Mrs. R Mrs. R-Mrs. S Mrs. S-Mrs. Siddons i Mrs. Siddons i-Mrs. W Mrs. W-Mrs. Wo Mrs. Ya-m M-Mu Mu-Much ado about nothing, ac Much ado about nothing, ac-Mud Mud-Mul Mul-Mun Mun-Mus Mus-Muss Must-Mü Mü-Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552.

Meas-Measure for measure, Y

  1. Measure for measure, act 4, scene 2 [i.e., sc. 3], Abhorson, Clown and Provost [graphic] / painted by R. Smirke, R.A. ; engraved by W.C. Wilson. (1)
  2. Measure for measure, act 4, scene 2 [i.e., sc. 3], Abhorson, Clown and Provost [graphic] / painted by R. Smirke, R.A. ; Starling, sc. (1)
  3. Measure for measure, act 5, sc. 1 [graphic] / painted by R. Smirke, R.A. ; engraved by J. Mitchell. (1)
  4. Measure for measure, act 5, sc. 1 [graphic] / T. Stothard R.A. ; Aug. Fox sc. (1)
  5. Measure for measure, act 5, sc. 4 [i.e. 1] [graphic] / F. Hayman inv. ; H. Gravelot sculps. (1)
  6. Measure for measure, act 5, scene 2 [i.e., scene 1] [graphic] / Singleton, del. ; J.J. van den Berghe, sculp. (1)
  7. Measure for measure, act II, sc. 1 [graphic] / Kenny Meadows. (1)
  8. Measure for measure, act II, scene 1 [graphic] / painted by R. Smirke, R.A. ; Starling sc. (1)
  9. Measure for measure, act II, scene 1 [graphic] / Riley, del. ; Geo. Walker, sculp. (1)
  10. Measure for measure, act II, scene 3 [i.e. 4], Isabella: My brother did love Juliet; and you tell me, that he shall die for it [graphic] / [John Thurston] ; engraved by Allen Robert Branston. (1)
  11. Measure for measure, act II, scene I, Angelo's house--Escalus, a justice, Elbow, Froth, Clown, officers, &c. [graphic] / painted by R. Smirke ; engraved by T. Ryder & C.G. Playter. (1)
  12. Measure for measure, act II, scene VII [i.e. scene 2]: your brother is a forfeit of the law, and you but waste your words [graphic] / E. Edwards, delt. ; Basire, sculp. (1)
  13. Measure for measure, act III, sc. 1 ... O, I do fear for thee Claudio; dar'st thou die? [graphic] / [Henry] Fuseli, del. ; [William] Bromley, sc. (1)
  14. Measure for measure, act III, scene 2 [graphic] / JCT. (1)
  15. Measure for measure, act V, scene 1 ... [graphic] / painted by Thos. Kirk ; Starling, sc. (1)
  16. Measure for measure, act V, scene 1, duke in a friar's habit, Varrius, lords, Angelo, Escalus, Lucio, and citizens, Isabella, Peter, Mariana ... [graphic] / painted by Thos. Kirk ; engraved by I.P. Simon. (1)
  17. Measure for measure, act V, scene 1, Justice, O royal duke! ... [graphic] / H. Howard R.A. pinxt. ; J. Thompson, sc. (1)
  18. Measure for measure, Duke listening [graphic] / [Louis Rhead]. (1)
  19. Measure for measure, Isabel's pleading [graphic] / [Louis Rhead]. (1)
  20. Measure for measure, You rogue, I have been drinking all night. I am not fitted for 't, act IV, sc. III [graphic] / R. Smirke R.A. ; C. Heath. (1)