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M -M. M.-M.a M.a-M.a.2 M.a.2-M.D M.D-M1 M1-M2 M2-M3 M3-Ma Ma-Macbeth [ Macbeth [-Macbeth C Macbeth i-Macbeth, Macbeth,-Macbeth, act V Macbeth, act. -Macbeth: Macbeth:-Mach Mach-Mack Mack-Macp Macr-Mad Mad-Madd Madd-Madr Madr-Mag Mag-Mai Mai-Mal Mal-Malv Man -Mand Mane-Mano Mano-Manu Manu-Manus Manus-Manuscript w Manuscript w-Manuscripts Manuzio, Al-MA MA-Ma Ma-Marble p Marble p-Marbled marbled-M M-Marbled papers -- S Marbled papers -- S-Marc Marc-March March-Marche Marche-Marcu Marcy-Marg Mari-Marie Marie-Mario Maris-Mark Marl-Maro Maro-Marr Marr-Mars Mars-Mart Mart-Martin, W Martin, Y-Marv Marv-Mary Mary-Mas Mas-Maso Maso-Mass Mast-Mat Mat-Matt Matz-Mau Mau-May May-May 5 May 7-Mayb Mayd-Mc Mc-McG McI-MD MD-MDCX MDCX-MDL MDL-Me Me-Meas Meas-Measure for measure, I Measure for measure, Y-Med Med-Medl Medl-Mel Mel-Mem Mem-Memor Memor-Memoranda on Memoranda on-Memorandu Memorandu-Memorandum of r Memorandum of s-Memorandum of t Memorandum of v-Men Men-Mer Mer-Merchant of Venice, Merchant of Venice,-Merchant of Venice, S Merchant of Venice, S-Mercu Mercu-Merl Merl-Merr Merr-Merry wives of Windsor, Merry wives of Windsor,-Merry wives of Windsor, act I Merry Wives of Windsor, act I-Merry w Merry w-Met Met-Meu Mex-Mey Mé-Mi Mi-Mid 16th century E Mid 16th century E-Mid 16th century G Mid 16th century G-Mid 16th century Germani Mid 16th century Germani-Mid 16th century S Mid 16th century S-Mid 17 Mid 17-Mid 17th century English b Mid 17th century English b-Mid 17th century English g Mid 17th century English g-Mid 17th century English s Mid 17th century English v-Mid 17th century F Mid 17th century F-Mid 18 Mid 18-Mid 18th century E Mid 18th century E-Mid 18th century F Mid 18th century G-Mid 19 Mid 19-Mid 19th century English b Mid 19th century English b-Mid 19th century F Mid 19th century F-Midd Midd-Mids Mids-Midsummer night's dream, Midsummer night's dream,-Midsummers Midsummers-Mil Mil-Mill Mill-Milt Milt-Mir Mir-Mis Mis-Miscellany Miscellany-Miss Miss-Miss C Miss C-Miss E Miss E-Miss El Miss El-Miss F Miss F-Miss G Miss G-Miss K Miss K-Miss M Miss M-Miss Me Miss Mi-Miss R Miss R-Miss S Miss T-m m-M M-ML Ml-Mo Mo-Mof Mof-Mon Mon-Mono Mono-Mont Mont-Monu Monu-Moo Moo-Mor Mor-More More-More, S More, S-More, Sir W More, Sir W-More, Sir William. L More, Sir William. L-More, Sir William. N More, Sir William. N-More, Sir William. T More, Sir William. T-Moret Moret-Mori Mori-Morr Morr-Mort Mort-Mos Mos-Mot Mot-Moy Moy-Mr Mr-Mr. B Mr. B-Mr. Bas Mr. Bas-Mr. Bo Mr. Bo-Mr. C Mr. C-Mr. Ca Mr. Ch-Mr. Charles T Mr. Chas. Kea-Mr. Co Mr. Co-Mr. D Mr. D-Mr. E Mr. E-Mr. El Mr. El-Mr. F Mr. F-Mr. G Mr. G-Mr. Ga Mr. Ga-Mr. Garrick i Mr. Garrick i-Mr. Ge Mr. Ge-Mr. H Mr. H-Mr. He Mr. He-Mr. Ho Mr. Ho-Mr. I Mr. J-Mr. Ja Mr. Ja-Mr. Jo Mr. Jo-Mr. K Mr. K-Mr. Kean as R Mr. Kean as R-Mr. Kean, Mr. Kembl-Mr. Kemble, Mr. King as-Mr. L Mr. L-Mr. M Mr. M-Mr. Macr Mr. Macr-Mr. Macready, Mr. Marshall,-Mr. Mo Mr. Mo-Mr. O Mr. O-Mr. P Mr. P-Mr. R Mr. R-Mr. S Mr. S-Mr. St Mr. St-Mr. V Mr. V-Mr. W Mr. W-Mr. Wi Mr. Wi-Mr. Wr Mr. Wr-Mrs Mrs-Mrs. B Mrs. B-Mrs. C Mrs. C-Mrs. E Mrs. E-Mrs. G Mrs. G-Mrs. H Mrs. H-Mrs. J Mrs. J-Mrs. L Mrs. L-Mrs. M Mrs. M-Mrs. P Mrs. R-Mrs. S Mrs. S-Mrs. Siddons a Mrs. Siddons a-Mrs. W Mrs. W-Mrs. Wo Mrs. Wo-Ms Ms-Mu Mu-Much ado about nothing, a Much ado about nothing, a-Much ado about nothing… Much Ado about Shakespe-Mul Mul-Mun Mun-Mur Mur-Mus Mus-My My-Mü

Merry w-Met

  1. Merry wives of Windsor, III, 4, Anne Page and Slender [graphic]. (1)
  2. Merry wives of Windsor, Miss Ellen Terry as Mistress Page, Margaret Kendal as Mistress Ford, Mrs. Tree as Anne Page, Mr. Tree as Falstaff [graphic] / [Frederick Henry Townsend]. (1)
  3. Merry wives of Windsor, Mrs. Page, Mrs. Ford, Falstaff [graphic] / T. Stothard. (1)
  4. Merry wives of Windsor, Mrs. Page: Help to cover your master, boy! Act III, scene III [graphic] / Peters ; Starling sc. (1)
  5. Merry wives of Windsor, Pistol [graphic] / [Henry Liverseege]. (1)
  6. Merry wives of Windsor, Sir John Falstaff, (disguised) Ford, Shallow, Sir Hugh Evans, &c., act IV, scene 2 [graphic] / Durno, del. ; Starling, sc [pt. 1]. (1)
  7. Merry wives of Windsor, Slender's bashfull behaviour to Ann Page, [act I, sc. 1] [graphic] / engraved by Isaac Taylor junr. from a drawing by Robert Smirke. (1)
  8. Merry wives of Windsor, V, 5, Falstaff and the fairies at the oak [graphic] / [Edward Bird]. (1)
  9. Merry wives of Windsor. (1)
  10. Merry wives of Windsor: "Alas! what a noise Heaven forgive our sins" ; act 5, scene 5 [graphic] / Thurston del. ; Rhodes sculp. (1)
  11. Merry wives, act V, sc. V [graphic] / T.C. Dugdale. (1)
  12. Merry-braines, Jocundary. (1)
  13. Merulo, Claudio, 1533-1604. (52)
  14. Meseck, Felix. (1)
  15. Mesplès, Paul Eugène, b. 1849, printmaker. (1)
  16. Messiah. An oratorio. As it is perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. Set to musick by Mr. Handel. (10)
  17. Messina, Much ado about nothing [graphic] / from an original drawing by Gio Batta Albreggi ; Birrell sculp. (1)
  18. Messrs Elliston, publisher. (1)
  19. Metal furniture provides the only decoration: elaborately engraved silver gilt corner plates, with a hatched floral arabesque design, with edge guards; round raised bosses with beveled edges engraved with the Tudor rose; raised lozenge center plates bear the Royal Arms and crown flanked on either side with "EL" and "RE." Beveled edges fluted and engraved with a floral band with hatching. Shield-shaped catch and hinge plates engraved with "EL" and "RE" on either side of a ribbon with tassels and deeply incised egg and dart band. Shaped solid hasps engraved with arabesques filled with hatching and a Tudor rose with top hasp engraved "Michael Tomkinson 1898." (1)
  20. Metallographia: or, An history of metals. Wherein is declared the signs of ores and minerals both before and after digging, the causes and manner of their generations, their kinds, sorts, and differences; with the description of sundry new metals, or semi-metals, and many other things pertaining to mineral knowledge. As also, the handling and shewing of their vegetability, and the discussion of the most difficult questions belonging to mystical chymistry, as of the philosophers gold, their mercury, the liquor alkahest, auram potabile, and such like. Gathered forth of the most approved authors that have written in Greek, Latine, or High-Dutch; with some observations and discoveries of the author himself. By John Webster practitioner in physick and chirurgery. (2)