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More, Sir William. N-More, Sir William. T

  1. More, Sir William. Notes about the lease of eight houses in Blackfriars to James Charter. (2)
  2. More, Sir William. Notes concerning Sir Thomas Cheyne's tenements in Blackfriars. (4)
  3. More, Sir William. Notes concerning the litigation with Henry Poole. (18)
  4. More, Sir William. Notes on grants, leases, tenures, statutes, and customs concerning the Blackfriars property. (8)
  5. More, Sir William. Notes on leases of three tenements in the Blackfriars. (4)
  6. More, Sir William. Notes regarding Blackfriars. (2)
  7. More, Sir William. Particulars of More's lands in Surrey for the indenture to be made upon his marriage to Margaret Danyell. (4)
  8. More, Sir William. Pewter remaynyng at the blake ffryers. (4)
  9. More, Sir William. Possessions within the Blakfryers. (2)
  10. More, Sir William. Quit-claim to rights in Blackfriars to be prepared for the signature of R. Cawarden. (2)
  11. More, Sir William. Remanyng In the chest at the Blacke ffryerrs. (2)
  12. More, Sir William. Remaynyng at the black ffryers in a chest there. (2)
  13. More, Sir William. Remaynyng in the chest at the Black ffryers. (2)
  14. More, Sir William. Rents [belonging] to Sir Thomas Cawerden knight within the precincte of the late blackefryers (4)
  15. More, Sir William. Rough memoranda concerning Blackfriars. (2)
  16. More, Sir William. Suche charges as grewe the daye of the obseques of Sir Thomas Cawarden Knight decessed. (4)
  17. More, Sir William. Summary of facts concerning property in litigation between More and Henry Poole. (2)
  18. More, Sir William. Summes of money disbursed paide and distributed by William more Esquyre Executor of the Testament of Sir Thomas Cawarden ... Vppon billes and otherwise touchinge the Execucion of the Testament... (19)
  19. More, Sir William. The [deposiciouns] of Thomas Chaundeler of Wonershe clothier and Robert Sterte of Dunsfolk Clarke made vnto me Willi[am] More Esquire ye 28 of May 1561 tochynge theyre knowledge of certayne Sectaryes and of theyre Doctrynes, practises and wyked Deuyces. (6)
  20. More, Sir William. The Accompte of William Moore esquier Executor Surviuer of the testamente and laste will of Sir Thomas Cawarden knight deceased aswell of alll suche Goodes Catelles and debtes of the saide Sir Thomas Cawarden ... from and synce the xixth Daie of December ... one thousande fyve hundred fiftie nyne ... untill the Eight Daie of ... October one thousande fyve hundrethe threskore and one... (13)