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M -M. M.-M.a M.a-M.a.2 M.a.2-M.D M.D-M1 M1-M2 M2-M3 M3-Ma Ma-Macbeth [ Macbeth [-Macbeth C Macbeth i-Macbeth, Macbeth,-Macbeth, act V Macbeth, act. -Macbeth: Macbeth:-Mach Mach-Mack Mack-Macp Macr-Mad Mad-Madd Madd-Madr Madr-Mag Mag-Mai Mai-Mal Mal-Malv Man -Mand Mane-Mano Mano-Manu Manu-Manus Manus-Manuscript w Manuscript w-Manuscripts Manuzio, Al-MA MA-Ma Ma-Marble p Marble p-Marbled marbled-M M-Marbled papers -- S Marbled papers -- S-Marc Marc-March March-Marche Marche-Marcu Marcy-Marg Mari-Marie Marie-Mario Maris-Mark Marl-Maro Maro-Marr Marr-Mars Mars-Mart Mart-Martin, W Martin, Y-Marv Marv-Mary Mary-Mas Mas-Maso Maso-Mass Mast-Mat Mat-Matt Matz-Mau Mau-May May-May 5 May 7-Mayb Mayd-Mc Mc-McG McI-MD MD-MDCX MDCX-MDL MDL-Me Me-Meas Meas-Measure for measure, I Measure for measure, Y-Med Med-Medl Medl-Mel Mel-Mem Mem-Memor Memor-Memoranda on Memoranda on-Memorandu Memorandu-Memorandum of r Memorandum of s-Memorandum of t Memorandum of v-Men Men-Mer Mer-Merchant of Venice, Merchant of Venice,-Merchant of Venice, S Merchant of Venice, S-Mercu Mercu-Merl Merl-Merr Merr-Merry wives of Windsor, Merry wives of Windsor,-Merry wives of Windsor, act I Merry Wives of Windsor, act I-Merry w Merry w-Met Met-Meu Mex-Mey Mé-Mi Mi-Mid 16th century E Mid 16th century E-Mid 16th century G Mid 16th century G-Mid 16th century Germani Mid 16th century Germani-Mid 16th century S Mid 16th century S-Mid 17 Mid 17-Mid 17th century English b Mid 17th century English b-Mid 17th century English g Mid 17th century English g-Mid 17th century English s Mid 17th century English v-Mid 17th century F Mid 17th century F-Mid 18 Mid 18-Mid 18th century E Mid 18th century E-Mid 18th century F Mid 18th century G-Mid 19 Mid 19-Mid 19th century English b Mid 19th century English b-Mid 19th century F Mid 19th century F-Midd Midd-Mids Mids-Midsummer night's dream, Midsummer night's dream,-Midsummers Midsummers-Mil Mil-Mill Mill-Milt Milt-Mir Mir-Mis Mis-Miscellany Miscellany-Miss Miss-Miss C Miss C-Miss E Miss E-Miss El Miss El-Miss F Miss F-Miss G Miss G-Miss K Miss K-Miss M Miss M-Miss Me Miss Mi-Miss R Miss R-Miss S Miss T-m m-M M-ML Ml-Mo Mo-Mof Mof-Mon Mon-Mono Mono-Mont Mont-Monu Monu-Moo Moo-Mor Mor-More More-More, S More, S-More, Sir W More, Sir W-More, Sir William. L More, Sir William. L-More, Sir William. N More, Sir William. N-More, Sir William. T More, Sir William. T-Moret Moret-Mori Mori-Morr Morr-Mort Mort-Mos Mos-Mot Mot-Moy Moy-Mr Mr-Mr. B Mr. B-Mr. Bas Mr. Bas-Mr. Bo Mr. Bo-Mr. C Mr. C-Mr. Ca Mr. Ch-Mr. Charles T Mr. Chas. Kea-Mr. Co Mr. Co-Mr. D Mr. D-Mr. E Mr. E-Mr. El Mr. El-Mr. F Mr. F-Mr. G Mr. G-Mr. Ga Mr. Ga-Mr. Garrick i Mr. Garrick i-Mr. Ge Mr. Ge-Mr. H Mr. H-Mr. He Mr. He-Mr. Ho Mr. Ho-Mr. I Mr. J-Mr. Ja Mr. Ja-Mr. Jo Mr. Jo-Mr. K Mr. K-Mr. Kean as R Mr. Kean as R-Mr. Kean, Mr. Kembl-Mr. Kemble, Mr. King as-Mr. L Mr. L-Mr. M Mr. M-Mr. Macr Mr. Macr-Mr. Macready, Mr. Marshall,-Mr. Mo Mr. Mo-Mr. O Mr. O-Mr. P Mr. P-Mr. R Mr. R-Mr. S Mr. S-Mr. St Mr. St-Mr. V Mr. V-Mr. W Mr. W-Mr. Wi Mr. Wi-Mr. Wr Mr. Wr-Mrs Mrs-Mrs. B Mrs. B-Mrs. C Mrs. C-Mrs. E Mrs. E-Mrs. G Mrs. G-Mrs. H Mrs. H-Mrs. J Mrs. J-Mrs. L Mrs. L-Mrs. M Mrs. M-Mrs. P Mrs. R-Mrs. S Mrs. S-Mrs. Siddons a Mrs. Siddons a-Mrs. W Mrs. W-Mrs. Wo Mrs. Wo-Ms Ms-Mu Mu-Much ado about nothing, a Much ado about nothing, a-Much ado about nothing… Much Ado about Shakespe-Mul Mul-Mun Mun-Mur Mur-Mus Mus-My My-Mü


  1. Ms. inscription: Pour ma bo[n]ne fille et religieuse la preure de n[ost]re preure de Tusson S[o]e[u]r Marie de Avoyze de par V[ost]re bonne mere abbesse de Bourbon. (Bourbon de Lavedon, Louise de, 1548-1637, former owner) . Bookplate: Ambroise Firmin-Didot. (7)
  2. ms. list of some of the principal pictures sold... (1)
  3. MS. mark of ownership on pi3r torn and mended, affecting autograph; inscription on 2Y3v: "Tho: [Thomas] Bennett[?]"; inscription on b8v: "R.G. R.G." (2)
  4. MS. mark of ownership on seventh front fly-leaf; inscription on t.p.: "Ph: [Philip] Moore", with the initals "P M" stamped on front and back covers; initials "L V" stamped at head of front and back covers; Huth library copy, with bookplate; collated by E. Talbot at Quaritch, 8 July 1920; Harmsworth copy. (1)
  5. MS. mark of ownership? on 3G5v; inscription on 6D6v (with MS. drawing of hand): "John Drynge"; two catalog clippings describing another copy of this edition tipped in at front; arms of Simeon Henry Remsen stamped on front and back covers; bought by Folger at Bangs sale of Sewall library, 30 November and 1 December 1897:1524 (3)
  6. MS. markings of ownership and inscriptions on 2H4v include the name Landyll [Landall]; inscriptions on front fly-leaves: "This belongs to John Ord Edinburgh 1816" and "J. Winter Jones" ; Atkinson Cat. 79:278, 1928. (2)
  7. MS. marks of ownership? cut away at foot and head of t.p.; inscriptions on t.p.: "William [Gallanix?]"; on t.p. verso: "Moses Bathurst his booke 1659"; and on 4Q4v: "Robert [Sandler?] his hand"; Warwick Castle copy (5)
  8. MS. note on t.p.: Collegij Paris So. Jesu; bookplate of James P.R. Lyell; J.A. de Thou - Heber - Britwell Court copy. (2)
  9. MS. notes. Purchased Sotheby Nov. 7, 1927, no. 8. Provenance: Whitchurch Parish library - Harmsworth copy. (3)
  10. Ms. ownership inscription on paste-down endpaper: "H.R. Hall xxij die martij mdcccxcviij." Ms. inscriptions on t.p.: "Meritum non miseratio D[omi]ni [...?]" "Misericordiam volo non sacrificium," "non veni vocare iustos sed peccatores in paenitentiam." (2)
  11. MS. shelf-mark on paste-down: 3886 (2)
  12. MS. verse on t.p. verso signed "[? Dottinger? Gottinger?]", with first line: All is not gould that glisteneth; inscription on A4v: "Thomas Brathwaite Booke"; bookplate of Thomas Jefferson McKee (motto "meum et tuum"). (2)
  13. Mss. ownership inscriptions.; Bookplate: Bibliothek S.K.H.D. Durchl. Herrn Erzherzog Johann von Oesterreich. (3)
  14. Much ado about nothing ... [I, 1] [graphic] / Thurston del. ; Hopwood sc. (1)
  15. Much ado about nothing [act IV, scene 1] [graphic] / JG ; Dalziel, Sc. (1)
  16. Much ado about nothing [graphic] / F. Howard. (12)
  17. Much ado about nothing [II, 3] [graphic] / Thurston, del. ; Platt, sc. (1)
  18. Much ado about nothing [III, 1] [graphic] / Thurston, del. ; I.I. Van den Berghe, sculpt. (1)
  19. Much ado about nothing [IV, 1, Hero fainting at the church] [graphic] / Thurston, del. ; I.I. Van den Berghe, sculpt. (1)
  20. Much ado about nothing [V, 1] [graphic] / Thurston, del. ; Platt, sc. (1)