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M -M. M.-M.a M.a-M.b M.b-M.D M.D-M1 M1-M2 M2-M9 M9-Ma Ma-Macbeth a Macbeth a-Macbeth, Macbeth,-Macbeth, act I Macbeth, act I-Macbeth, V Macbeth, W-Macd Macd-Mack Mack-Macl Macl-Macr Macr-Mad Mad-Made Made-Mag Mag-Mai Mai-Mal Mal-Malv Malv-Man Man-Mann Mann-Mant Mant-Manu Manu-Manuscript t Manuscript v-Manuscript w Manuscript w-Manz Mañ-MA Ma-Mar Mar-Marbled Marbled-Marbled p Marbled p-Marbled papers -- N Marbled papers -- N-m M-Marc Marc-March' March,-Marco Marco-Marg Marg-Mari Mari-Marie Marie-Mark Mark-Marm Marn-Marr Marr-Mars Mars-Mart Mart-Martin Martin-Martini Martini-Mary Mary-Mary, Mary,-Mas Mas-Mass Mass-Mast Mata-Matt Matt-Mau Mau-Maw Max-May May-May, May,-Mayo Maza-Mc Mc-McQ McR-MD MD-Md MD-Me Me-Meas Meas-Measure for measure, Y Measure for measure. H-Med Med-Medl Medw-Mel Mel-Mem Mem-Memor Memor-Memoranda on Memoranda re-Memorandu Memorandu-Memorandum of s Memorandum of s-Memorandum r Memorandum r-Men Men-Mer Mer-Merchant of Venice, Merchant of Venice,-Merchant of Venice, V Merchant of Venice, V-Mercu Mercu-Merl Merl-Merr Merr-Merry wives of Windsor, Merry wives of Windsor,-Merry wives of Windsor, act I Merry wives of Windsor, act I-Merry wives of Windsor, M Merry wives of Windsor, M-Met Met-Mey Mey-Mé Mé-Mi mi-M M-Mid 16th century G Mid 16th century G-Mid 16th century I Mid 16th century I-Mid 16th century S Mid 16th century S-Mid 17 Mid 17-Mid 17th century English b Mid 17th century English b-Mid 17th century English g Mid 17th century English g-Mid 17th century English v Mid 17th century English w-Mid 17th century G Mid 17th century G-Mid 18 Mid 18-m M-Mid 18th century I Mid 18th century I-Mid 19 mid 19-M M-Mid 19th century F Mid 19th century F-Midd Midd-Mids Mids-Midsummer night's dream, Midsummer night's dream,-Midw Mier-Mil Mil-Mill Mill-Milt Milt-Mir Mir-Mis Mis-Miscellany Miscellany-Miss Miss-Miss C Miss C-Miss E Miss E-Miss El Miss El-Miss F Miss F-Miss G Miss G-Miss K Miss K-Miss M Miss M-Miss N Miss N-Miss R Miss R-Miss T Miss V-m M-Missing, Missing,-Ml Ml-Mo Mo-Moh Moi-Mon Mon-Mono Mono-Mont Mont-Monu Monu-Moo Moo-Mor Mor-More, S More, S-More, Sir George More, Sir George-More, Sir W More, Sir W-More, Sir William. L More, Sir William. L-More, Sir William. N More, Sir William. N-More, Sir William. T More, Sir William. V-Morf Morg-Morl Morl-Morr Morr-Mort Mort-Mos Mos-m M-Moz Mr -Mr. Mr.-Mr. B Mr. B-Mr. Be Mr. Be-Mr. Bo Mr. Bo-Mr. C Mr. C-Mr. Ch Mr. Ch-Mr. Che Mr. Cla-Mr. Co Mr. Co-Mr. D Mr. D-Mr. E Mr. E-Mr. El Mr. Em-Mr. F Mr. F-Mr. G Mr. G-Mr. Ga Mr. Ga-Mr. Garrick i Mr. Garrick i-Mr. Ge Mr. Gi-Mr. H Mr. H-Mr. He Mr. He-Mr. Ho Mr. Ho-Mr. J Mr. J-Mr. Ja Mr. Ja-Mr. Jo Mr. Jo-Mr. K Mr. K-Mr. Kean as R Mr. Kean as R-Mr. Kem Mr. Kem-Mr. Ki Mr. Ki-Mr. L Mr. L-Mr. M Mr. M-Mr. Macr Mr. Macr-Mr. Mar Mr. Mat-Mr. Mo Mr. Mo-Mr. P Mr. P-Mr. Po Mr. Po-Mr. R Mr. R-Mr. S Mr. S-Mr. T Mr. T-Mr. W Mr. W-Mr. We Mr. Wh-Mr. Wi Mr. Wi-Mr. Wr Mr. Wr-Mrs Mrs-Mrs. B Mrs. B-Mrs. C Mrs. D-Mrs. F Mrs. F-Mrs. G Mrs. G-Mrs. H Mrs. H-Mrs. J Mrs. J-Mrs. L Mrs. L-Mrs. M Mrs. O-Mrs. R Mrs. R-Mrs. S Mrs. S-Mrs. Siddons i Mrs. Siddons i-Mrs. W Mrs. W-Mrs. Wo Mrs. Ya-m M-Mu Mu-Much ado about nothing, ac Much ado about nothing, ac-Mud Mud-Mul Mul-Mun Mun-Mus Mus-Muss Must-Mü Mü-Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552.


  1. Marcolini, Francesco, ca. 1500-ca. 1559, printer. (1)
  2. Marconville, Jean de. (136)
  3. Marcou, François, 1595-ca. 1660, publisher. (3)
  4. Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, 121-180, author. (6)
  5. Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, 121-180. (2)
  6. Marcus Brutus [character in Shakespeare's] Julius Caesar, from a coin in Dr. Hunters museum [graphic] / S. Harding, del. ; E. Harding jun., sculp. (2)
  7. Marcus Tullius Ciceroes three bookes of duties to Marcus his sonne, tourned out of Latine into English, by Nicolas Grimald. Wherevnto the Latine is adioyned. (2)
  8. Marcus Ward, Inc. (1)
  9. Marcyanṭ af Vinis (Bhinisera banika) / Sekspiỵara ; Manomohana Rāya anūdita. (97)
  10. Marden, Irene Ruth, 1898-1965, former owner. (13)
  11. Mardi Gras poster, featuring twenty Mystick Krewe of Comus floats representing a total of eighteen Shakespeare plays. [graphic] (1)
  12. Marenzio, Luca, 1553-1599. (1)
  13. Mareschal, Jacques, ca. 1475-1529 or 30, printer. (3)
  14. Marfize [Beauty portrait in the guise of literature] (1)
  15. Margaret [character in Shakespeare's] King Henry 6, part 1 [graphic] / J. Herbert ; W. H. Mote. (1)
  16. Margaret Anglin [graphic]. (1)
  17. Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle from the original picture by A. Diepenbeck in the collection of Francis Vernon Wentworth, Esqre. at Wentworth Castle, Yorkshire [graphic] / G.P. Harding del. ; W. Greatbach, sculp. (1)
  18. Margaret Lowther; M [C] amawan, 29 July 1705; J. Leslie, 58 Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. Libraries purchased (book label, front paste-down). (4)
  19. Margaret of Anjou (Genevieve Ward) [in Shakespeare's Richard III] [graphic] / photo, J. & L. Caswall Smith. (1)
  20. Margaret, [character in Shakespeare's] Henry 6th, part I [graphic] / J.W. Wright ; W. Holl. (1)