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  1. Note of Nathaniel Bacon of Richard Spratt's debts (2)
  2. Note of order and award in the dispute between William Walpole and Thomas Fassett (Fawcett, Forsset) (2)
  3. Note of Robert West�s appointment as overseer certain buildings needing repair for Warwick (2)
  4. Note of the money which came to Lady Mary Rich from her mother, Lady Elizabeth Rich, on her death, and of other money (2)
  5. Note of the prisoners Richard Browne received from Martin Sanford, sheriff of Somerset (5)
  6. Note of the vote of Parliament : true copy (2)
  7. Note on Palmer's charity of which Edwin Rich, Esq., with Dr. [Ralph] Brownrig and others, was a trustee (2)
  8. Note on the cost of removing the playhouse in the Blackfriars (2)
  9. Note on the cost of removing the playhouse in the Blackfriars [manuscript], 18th or 19th century. (4)
  10. Note on the names of the gentry in Kent (4)
  11. Note on the testimony of Bery of Langham (2)
  12. Note on the treatment of murderers (2)
  13. Note regarding receipt from Mr. Collet of Cambridge (3)
  14. Notebook of a barrister riding on the Midland Circuit [manuscript], (1)
  15. Notebook of Sir William Drake [manuscript], late 1630s-late 1650s. (4)
  16. Notebooks of George Eliot, "Miscellaneous quotations" (103)
  17. Notebooks of George Eliot, labelled "Interesting extracts" [manuscript]. (81)
  18. Notebooks of George Eliot, labelled "Miscellaneous quotations" and "Interesting extracts" [manuscript], 1868 August-ca. 1870, ca. 1879. (9)
  19. Notes and accounting figures referring to Jeremy Elwes (3)
  20. Notes and accounts of Harleston (5)