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  1. Notes and multiple drafts by Justin H. McCarthy for the play “Cardenio” [manuscript] : autograph manuscript and typescript, 1932-1933. (2)
  2. Notes at the performance of the "Merchant of Venice", by members of the Oxford University Philothespian Club [graphic]. (1)
  3. Notes by Nathaniel Bacon concerning Emanuell Calyard's demands on Nicholas Thompson (3)
  4. Notes by Nathaniel Bacon of an agreement concerning marriage between Lady Anne Bacon and Sir John Townshend : copy (3)
  5. Notes by Nathaniel Bacon on the goods of Ralph Jermin (3)
  6. Notes concerning a dispute between William Pratt and Francis Carter and other tenants about contributions to the Task and rights of shack (2)
  7. Notes concerning decree in Chancery case of Thomas Puckering v. George Kimpton et al. (12)
  8. Notes concerning parsonage of church at King's Walden and advowson of vicarage (3)
  9. Notes concerning title, Edworth, Bedfordshire (3)
  10. Notes for illustrations for "Playhouse Tales" (1)
  11. Notes for Mrs. Folger's guidance on the stage (2)
  12. Notes from Sir Roger Townshend to Sir Roger Townshend, 1st bart., on the case of Clarke v. Clarke (2)
  13. Notes of goods shipped from London to Blakeney for Nathaniel Bacon (2)
  14. Notes of harriots paid, surrenders, etc. in King's Walden (3)
  15. Notes of Henry Borlas on 10 sermons heard at Oxford [manuscript], ca. 1605. (1)
  16. Notes of Martin Man on Robert Styleman (4)
  17. Notes of Nathaniel Bacon concerning the fining of two bakers of Wells (2)
  18. Notes of Nathaniel Bacon on a case of misappropriation of funds by Robert Makyns (2)
  19. Notes of Nathaniel Bacon on a hearing in the Blofield-Wyndham case (3)
  20. Notes of Nathaniel Bacon on Blofield case (2)