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  1. Nathan Drake, M.D. [graphic] / painted by H. Thomson ; engraved by P.W. Tomkins. (1)
  2. Nathan, Harry Louis Nathan, Baron, former owner. (5)
  3. Nathaniel Bacon to overseers for the poor in Raynham St. Mary, [Norfolk] (2)
  4. Nathaniel Field, a celebrated actor in Shakspeare's plays ... from an original picture in Dulwich College [graphic] / S. Harding, del. ; W.N. Gardiner, sc. (1)
  5. National Tobacco Works of New York, publisher. (2)
  6. Nationaltrykkeriet, printer. (1)
  7. Natura exenterata: or Nature unbowelled by the most exquisite anatomizers of her. (3)
  8. Natural history of Shakespeare : being selections of flowers, fruits, and animals / arranged by Bessie Mayou. (1)
  9. Natural philosophy improven by new experiments. (3)
  10. Natural, Albert, former owner. (4)
  11. Nature & genius introducing Garrick to the temple of Shakespear; trampling on envy & detraction, while fame having crown'd him with laurels flies to proclaim his unrival'd powers [graphic] / designed by I.H. Mortimer. (1)
  12. Nature's gifts to Shakspeare, Thine be these golden keys, immortal boy [graphic] / S. Shelley, pinxt. ; W. Nutter, sculpt. (1)
  13. Natures cruell step-dames… (1)
  14. Natures pictures drawn by fancies pencil to the life. Written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess, the lady Marchioness of Newcastle. In this volume there are several feigned stories of natural descriptions, as comical, tragical, and tragi-comical, poetical, romancical, philosophical, and historical, both in prose and verse, some all verse, some all prose, some mixt, partly prose and partly verse. Also, there are some morals, and some dialogues; but they are as the advantage loaves of bread to a bakers dozen; and a true story at the end, wherein there is no feignings. (1)
  15. Natures pictures drawn by fancies pencil to the life… (1)
  16. Nauicula penitentie / per … Ioannem Keyserspergium Argentinensium concionatorem predicata ; A Iacobo Otthero collecta. (3)
  17. Naunton, Robert, Sir, 1563-1635, signer. (184)
  18. Nautica Mediterranea ... Nella quale Si mostra la fabrica delle galee' galeazze, & galeoni ... (1)
  19. Naval Binder, fl. 1670s-1680s. (5)
  20. Navarre (Kingdom). Sovereign (1349-1387 : Charles II) (2)