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  1. Neville, Henry, ca. 1520-1593, correspondent. (168)
  2. Neville, Robert, Gent. (2)
  3. Nevinson, J. L. (John Lea), former owner. (1)
  4. Nevv Englands prospect·A true, lively, and experimentall description of that part of America, commonly called Nevv England: discovering the state of that countrie, both as it stands to our new-come English planters; and to the old native inhabitants. Layi (1)
  5. Nevves from France. Or A relation of a maruellous and fearfull accident of a disaster, which happened at Paris the seuenth day of March, this present yeare 1618. where by meanes of a terrible fire, all the pallace was burnt and consumed. Together with a n (3)
  6. Nevves of Sr. VValter Rauleigh. With the true description of Guiana: as also a relation of the excellent gouernment, and much hope of the prosperity of the voyage. Sent from a gentleman of his fleet, to a most especiall friend of his in London. From the riuer of Caliana, on the coast of Guiana, Nouemb. 17. 1617. (1)
  7. Nevves of the complement of the art of nauigation. (2)
  8. New "Kraft" paper flyleaf and paste-down. (3)
  9. New (when rebacked) wove paper flyleaf and paste-down. (1)
  10. New acidic pastedown and double flyleaf. (2)
  11. New antique laid buff colored endpaper and pastedown. (2)
  12. New back bead linen thread headbands sewn over hemp cord core. (4)
  13. New back bead linen thread over a rolled cord support. (3)
  14. New back bead linen thread over hemp cord. (2)
  15. New back bead sewn with natural linen over cord. (3)
  16. New back bead wrapped linen thread sewn over a hemp cord core. (1)
  17. New Barcham Green handmade paper endpapers, with two flyleaves, a separate inner paper joint, and doublure. (4)
  18. New blank and light green flyleaves, original dark blue doublure. (2)
  19. new blank flyleaf and paste-down (2)
  20. New blank flyleaf and paste-down. (2)