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  1. New blind tooling is copied from impression left on the cardboard after original leather was removed. Two panel design made from a double line fillet the two frames joined at the corners. (4)
  2. New blue and white linen thread with a front bead over a large rolled paper core. (2)
  3. New blue and white silk with large reinforced front bead over cord cores. (2)
  4. New blue and white thread over an earlier linen thread front bead sewing over a hemp core. (3)
  5. New booke, containing all sortes of handes usually written at this daie. (1)
  6. New brown and beige linen thread with a front bead. (1)
  7. New brown and white line thread with front bead. (1)
  8. New brown and white linen with front bead over a flat vellum core. (1)
  9. New brown and yellow silk thread with front bead sewn over a rolled vellum core. (2)
  10. New brown blue and pink dahlia pattern marble paper doublure and flyleaf with an additional second blank flyleaf. (4)
  11. New brown Canson flyleaf and doublure. (4)
  12. New burgundy and white double tiered headbands, with a front bead. (3)
  13. New chevron marble paper raked in waves (made by Sydney Cockerell). (2)
  14. New cloth stuck on headbands. (3)
  15. New dark brown silk with a front bead. (1)
  16. New double tiered red, green and white silk stuck on headbands. (3)
  17. New Drury Lane Theatre [graphic]. (1)
  18. New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air ... (1)
  19. New fabric stuck-on headbands. (1)
  20. New facts regarding the life of Shakespeare : in a letter to Thomas Amyot, esq., F.R.S., treasurer of the Society of antiquaries, from J. Payne Collier, F.S.A. (1)