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new f-N

  1. new flyleaf and paste-down (2)
  2. New flyleaf and paste-down with a window cut out reveling the original paste-down with inscription. (2)
  3. New flyleaf and paste-down with small recycled manuscript guards. (3)
  4. New flyleaf and paste-down. (15)
  5. New flyleaf and separate paste-down with cloth hinge. (2)
  6. New flyleaf with hinged joint and separate pastedown. (3)
  7. New flyleaf, but early paste-down. (3)
  8. New flyleaf, evidence of printers waste paste-down. (4)
  9. New flyleaves and a blue made flyleaf and paste-down. (1)
  10. New foundling hospital for wit. Part 3. The new foundling hospital for wit. Being a collection of several curious pieces in verse and prose. Many of which were never before printed. ... Part the third. (1)
  11. New four leaf blank flyleaf and single paste-down with original recycled vellum manuscript flyleaf still extant. (6)
  12. New four leaf endpapers with paste-down. (1)
  13. New four leaf handmade paper flyleaves with a vellum hinge and handmade paper doublure. (2)
  14. New four leaf section flyleaf with vellum joint guard and separate paste-down doubleur. (2)
  15. New four leaf section sewn with Japanese paper reinforcement. One leaf paste-down, originally only a single vellum flyleaf but now hinged to the text-block (3)
  16. New four page Barcham Green endpaper. Three flyleaves and reinforced paste-down. (1)
  17. New four page endpaper section. Remnants and evidence of two separate vellum manuscripts adhered onto the boards as paste-downs. One of them mentioning the abbeys of Nordhausen and Hildesheim. (5)
  18. New four page section sewn at the front and back with pasted in leather joint and beige doublure. (1)
  19. New four page section, three flyleaves and one paste-down. (2)
  20. New front bead on a core made of alum tawed goatskin sewn with pink and white thread (4)