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N-New l

  1. New front bead on a core made of cord sewn with blue and white thread (2)
  2. new Gelder Zonen paper (2)
  3. New gray course handmade paper flyleaf and paste-down over original paste-down and flyleaf. (3)
  4. New gray silk with back bead. (2)
  5. New green and brown linen thread with front bead. (1)
  6. New green and red stuck-on headbands. (1)
  7. New green and white linen over cord core with front bead. (7)
  8. New green and white silk headbands with front bead. (1)
  9. New green leather stuck on headbands. (3)
  10. New gross Distillirbüch, wolgegründter künstlicher Distillation ... (8)
  11. New hand made paper sewn as a signature with pastedown. Fragments of original pastedown with manuscript notations mounted on top of new pastedown. (2)
  12. New handmade four leaf section. (4)
  13. New handmade paper endpapers and paste-down with earlier decorative block paper included, the earlier decorative paper was found underneath the current covering paper and was salvaged. (2)
  14. New handmade paper pastedown. Originally none, only loose vellum hooked guards, now encapsulated in Mylar and laced into the back of the book. (3)
  15. New handmade paper section with original pastedown repaired and left as a free endpaper. (2)
  16. New handmade paper sewn sections with reinforced joints and doublours. (2)
  17. New Haymarket Theatre, opened July 4th, 1821 [graphic]. (1)
  18. New head and tail bands sewn over a leather and vellum core and worked with brown and white linen. (2)
  19. New lady's magazine: Mrs. Inchbald as Lady abbess [Aemilia] in the Comedy of errors [by Shakespeare], Mrs. Wells in the character of Jane Shore [in Rowe's Jane Shore] [graphic] / J.G. Wooding sculpt. (1)
  20. New light blue linen with back bead. (5)