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New l-New s

  1. New linen thread back bead endband over a rolled hemp cord core. (4)
  2. New nonpareil marble pastedown and flyleaf in blues, greens, reds, and orange and black with an additional two flyleaves. (3)
  3. new off white handmade paper doublure and flyleaves. (3)
  4. New olive green silk with a front bead over a hemp cord core. (1)
  5. New orange and white linen over a cord core (inside adhered to the pastedown are strands of the original linen thread, blue and pink, attached as a historical record). (2)
  6. New pink silk headbands with a front bead sewn over a rolled paper core. (1)
  7. New Place, chapel, guild-hall, etc. [graphic] / drawn by R.B. Wheler ; engravd by F. Eginton. (1)
  8. New Place, from a drawing in the margin of an ancient survey, made by order of Sir George Carew ... and found at Clopton near Stratford upon Avon, in 1786 [graphic] / I. Jordan del ; A. Birrell sc. (1)
  9. New reading--or--Shakspeare [sic] improved, humbly dedicated to the Keen critic of Drury Lane by a poor Author [caricature of Kean as Richard III] [graphic] / [Williams]. (1)
  10. New red and yellow stuck on headbands. (1)
  11. New red and yellow stuck on. (2)
  12. New red silk with front bead. (2)
  13. New red textile stuck on headbands. (4)
  14. New rolled fabric stuck-on headbands. (3)
  15. New rolled leather stuck-on headbands. (7)
  16. New Shakespeare [sic] Gallery, No. 88, Pall Mall. Prospectus. Subscription for proof-prints only. (1)
  17. New Shakspere Society (Great Britain) (21)
  18. New shaped leather caps. (3)
  19. New single blank flyleaf and new brown paper flyleaf with black leather inner joint and brown paper doublure. (2)
  20. New single blank flyleaf and paste-down with evidence of original paste-down underneath. (2)