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  1. NK9405 V5 1592 Cage (1)
  2. No cover tooling, only marble leather pattern. The spine is heavily gold tooled and divided into six panels. The second panel has the title BIBLIA SACRA gilt on a leather label and in the third panel is gilt ANNI 1480. All the other panels are framed with a gilt dog tooth on a double line pallet, then filled with acanthus corner brackets and a center floral fleuron with sunflower. The board edges were gilt with a floral spray roll. (2)
  3. No Date (4)
  4. No date (4)
  5. no date (14)
  6. No decoration, but a tanned leather edging is nailed along the suede covering as a finishing touch. (3)
  7. No flyleaves extant. Paste-down has two partial paper guard reinforcements and a vellum inner guard. (3)
  8. No flyleaves extant; single pastedown in nonpareil marble paper in pink, yellow, and blue colors. (2)
  9. No flyleaves or pastedowns, but there is a folded paper stub and a small vellum guard at the front. (1)
  10. No flyleaves, manuscript inner joint adhered under paste-down. (7)
  11. No flyleaves. Paste-down sewn with a narrow stub pasted underneath. Paper spine liners adhered under paste-down. (2)
  12. No more dams I'll make for fish, Tempest, act I, sc. 2 [graphic] (1)
  13. No tooling on the covers. The spine is divided into six panels, the author and title gilt on a red goatskin label. All other panels filled with elaborate gold tooling with a repeated large tulip and pomegranate and rosette decorative roll. (3)
  14. No tooling or decoration, spine inscriptions "N50" and "Pauli Or[o]sij Hystori[?]". (3)
  15. No tooling, ink inscription on front cover FIRST FOLIO 1623 (2)
  16. No tooling. The color of the leather and the metal furnishings were the decoration. On the spine there is evidence of author-title inscription and the remains of paper labels. (4)
  17. no treatment, but with traces of red speckle from an earlier binding. (3)
  18. No wit, help like a vvomans. : A comedy, by Tho. Middleton, Gent. (1)
  19. No wit, help like a vvomans. A comedy, by Tho. Middleton, Gent. (1)
  20. no year April 14 (3)